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  1. But I was kidding since this was not child abuse but child cuteness overload. Making me a baby is the least gift you can "give" me. I want a kitten maincoon and/or a kitten Bengal. Merci beaucoup.
  2. Buying a new book (many new books to be honest) Seeing my orchids growing a new stem and branching out. 🌻 Christmas soon! My cats
  3. ❤️ The cutest thing i've seen this year so far ! Poor thing is going to be X-rayed so, not comfortable But thank you for making my day ! That's a picture, but I can hear ear her mom laughing in the back
  4. I always wondered why a marriage is supposed to be saved ??
  5. Again... Why so much hate ?
  6. Cliff, all of them. + set them on fire to be sure. Your dad your dog/cat you mom *crazy mood.
  7. Still me. And I also smell good.
  8. I want to have sex with @Prettyphile Set ! And I also want an ice cream !
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