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  1. i'd like to keep him as a pet. thnx for the photos
  2. he's so..umm whats the right word? PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  3. perezhilton twists everything around so dont get crazy over these i hope its not true but if it is..well..
  4. >.< when i get off work ,ill try to post some pics of both where they kinda look alike durrrr
  5. One of the best actors around imo. I love how he always plays eccentric types in his movies.
  6. Does Anyone know if he lives in Paris atm?
  7. {name}

    Julian McMahon

    i just started watching Nip Tuck and he pisses me off so much. His character, not him I think he's pretty good looking but im not that crazy about him His middle name is Dana...? el oh el
  8. I think he looked HAWT in Fracture but the movie wasnt that good. It was going really well with the plot and everything but it ended too fast imo. p.s. i thought there would be more "fleshy" scenes with him
  9. {name}

    Noah Wyle

    "Wyle, one of six children" lol i remember having a crush on him and david duckovny back in the day hahahah
  10. thnx for those pics 1goiaba <3 she looks gorgeous in those.
  11. thanks for the pics she looks so lovely especially in the Bazaar shoot.
  12. anyone thinks he kinda looks like Wentworth Miller?
  13. omg Aqa those are amaziiiiiiiiiiiiinggg <333
  14. i like kate moss for the looks only..
  15. meh i dont care much for no-gizele VSFS but i wouldnt even watch it if there was no adrianna or ale in it !
  16. karolina is so cute like a barbie doll !
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