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  1. happy b-day :D

  2. Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. i'd like to keep him as a pet. thnx for the photos
  4. he's so..umm whats the right word? PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  5. perezhilton twists everything around so dont get crazy over these i hope its not true but if it is..well..
  6. >.< when i get off work ,ill try to post some pics of both where they kinda look alike durrrr
  7. One of the best actors around imo. I love how he always plays eccentric types in his movies.
  8. Does Anyone know if he lives in Paris atm?
  9. i just started watching Nip Tuck and he pisses me off so much. His character, not him I think he's pretty good looking but im not that crazy about him His middle name is Dana...? el oh el
  10. I think he looked HAWT in Fracture but the movie wasnt that good. It was going really well with the plot and everything but it ended too fast imo. p.s. i thought there would be more "fleshy" scenes with him
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