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  1. Hayssa


    She was so perfect! Colcci clothes werent good but Gisele made the difference. I loved her style in it. Its just glamurous! **
  2. *Fashion Rio A/W January 2007 Cantão So beautiful!
  3. *Fashion Rio A/W January 2007 Colcci Carol was so cute!
  4. *Allure January 2007 This is the most recently editorial from Caroline From: www.old-flame.org/caroline I hope you like it because I loved! (L)
  5. *Renata Klem, Caroline and Adriana I love them! This picture its very personal, I got this from a secret person. hahahaa I hope you like.
  6. I LOVE CAROLINE! Shes the best Model in the world! Shes better than Natasha. (L)
  7. Thank you so much! I put your pictures on: www.fotolog.com/trentini_carol
  8. You're welcome Im gonna search and if I find some other old picture of her I put here ok? ^^
  9. I loved those pictures from VSFW Backstage. They are perfect. So, I really dont know if someone have ever seen this picture but Im gonna post ok? I love this one! Its from a Elle magazine (you can see it) and Heather is with Caroline Trentini. My favorites models. (L)
  10. Hayssa

    Zac Efron

    *Picture CosmoGirl Magazine. December 2006/January 2007 I loved this report! The editor seems to be very nice. Hey, and if you want, look at the interview with Zac in CosmoGirl's site: www.cosmogirl.com/hsm
  11. Hayssa

    Zac Efron

    I do not believe that Zac Efron does not have a forum here. I love him so much! Im gonna make this topic for people who loves Zac like me. So, enjoy it ok? For you that did not know Zac, he is the principal actor in the movie High School Musical *Pictures: BOP Magazine December 2006
  12. I dont know if someone have already posted this picture, but anyway, I posted it ;D I love Caroline so much! Shes the best top model in the world, so I put this picture when she was a baby. PERFECT baby. Look at the hair, so cute! You can see more in: www.fotolog.com/trentini_carol
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