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  1. dude, if you're looking fore some good fights in your forum, i'm always here to help. Honestly. Heck i should major in Law and stuff...

  2. itz too lei too apologize.... itz too leiiii.....

  3. Oh, and what the hell is the genius me doing in your friend list ?!! This is ambarassing. Remove it. You have 3 days.

  4. What's this ?! Another fan ?

  5. well, my laptop sucks hairy ass. I'm thinking of rebooting it... other than that, i'm pretty busy recently... teeheehee... what's about you man ?

  6. i'm back for more. Behold.

  7. all was well and fine, my friend.

  8. i saw the message.

  9. It just froze when i was watching a movie, so i removed the battery and unlug the adapter then repluged everything back in to restart it but then....but then.... then..... yeah.

  10. Bad news to the world. My laptop is officially broken.

  11. Happy Birthday from Joker.

  12. Yes ?! :shifty:

    And you missed my post at TFS, ask Gabi :persuazn:

  13. Happy Birthday Mesmel.

  14. Duuuuude, you need to be around more often.

  15. And since when did i stop putting my interest in you ?!! Bellazon needs more members with brain like you (and me and everybody else on my friend list of course)

  16. I'm more surprised than you are, dude.

  17. where is my o-cherry-a immortal eh?

  18. thanks for the congratz pinkie. your favorite bitch won't let you down

  19. thanks for your congratz in "de" thread, man

  20. thanks for the congratz in "de" thread, dude

  21. Thanks bee. I'm old now, sheeesh...

  22. Thanks vane. I got your money. *begs for more*

  23. Thanks!! Unfortunately i got none from my family. I'm afraid i'

    ll have to sell drugs. :whistle:

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