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  1. Put your personal statement away, im fishing here... :shifty:

  2. M&M ?! - yum !!!


    Mbinebri's house & car ?!! - I'd prefer 26 cents <_<

  3. Happy 2 o'clock Angie !!!

  4. You've got a habee bday message from The Joker. You may celebrate... :whistle: .


    BAHAHHA...Happy Birthday, whatchu get me this year ?!!

  5. Hey hey hey hey.... happy birthday !!!

  6. STOOOOP ITTTT !!!! :persuazn: :persuazn: :persuazn:

  7. Heather the great welcome you back. You may continue... :shifty:

  8. Hi im Ange. You cant buy me im one Heather's best maid. SEE YA DONT WANNA BE YA !!!! :blah:

  9. :shock: GRRR...


    Hi, Im mbinebri. Im Heather's sex slave and you'd better get your hands off of my queen.


    You have been warned.


    Love, Mbinebri.

  10. How dare you to add Heather The Great as one of your human friends ?!! You'd better create a god list for me right now. :persuazn: . *eats fish*

  11. AND YOU FORGOT A " . " AFTER " *checks spellling* " TO COMPLETE YOUR SENTENCE. DAMN IT !!!

  12. A habee bday wish from he Joker. You may celebrate. BAHAHHA....

  13. Nothing much. Wait, look i have 5300 posts, that's a beautiful even number. I'd like to celebreate my 5300th post now. That is all. You may continue. :shifty:

  14. Because im so nice and care for other people.


    *meeh, like hes gonna get it if he werent one of the admins.*


    HAHA, im kidding.

  15. Yeah, Im drowning in the thoughts of you. It's voodoo. Lots of focusing. :whistle:


    And btw KBIII, it's "traitor".

  16. My apology for the double comment but i forot about "can I also say then that I take your breath away?"


    Here's my response : " HAHAHAHA..... " . That's all.

  17. then isnt such stupidity makes our lives a little more exciting ?!! I love bashing members :fan:


    Oh, and the personal link thingy - IM GENIUS !!! BAHAHAHA...

  18. you left me speechless again.... BAAHHAHA...

    Anyway, what the heck is that personal statement for ?!! Im curious :shifty:

  19. i cant respond to myself *tears* . NOW LET ME SLEEP, DAMMIT !!!!

  20. And by" thread-less" i mean "nowhere to respond" :persuazn:

  21. Wait, JuliaPiquet is here ?!! :huh:

  22. Isnt everythread at BZ my own ?!! :shifty:

    But wait a minute.... who ... who....is....commenting..... on....your.....um.... :|

  23. No worries. I made everythread at BZ my own. *continues sleeping*

  24. im thread-less, nowhere to go... :cry: *sleeps over*

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