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  1. Yeah man. I'm running over there now. "blue for joker"... BAHAHHAHAHA..... That's AWSOME!!!

  2. Hey hey hey hey, where ya been ?!

  3. There is. Check out the site. And stop all the Qs. :persuazn:

  4. Go watch me kick TBK's ass. BAHAHHAAAA.... and how could you to change your avatar to some milky hags ?!!

  5. Dude, i'd give you an A+ and even some more extra credits. You'll get more members in your forum soon.

  6. Is that so ?!! What if i wanna pay ?!! :shifty:

  7. Well yeah i can't look at your avatar with a regular face either.

  8. Miss ya too, booboo. OMG, don't be picky on the sexes when you're begging for grade.


    And wait, i'm not on your friend list ?! How dare you ??!!!!!

  9. Congratz on your new baby. Did you manage to download the show ?!!

  10. Dude. Thanks for the show.

  11. just sneaking around....

  12. Happy birthday, Sarah. Look, you're legal now. :shifty:

  13. :rofl: Dude, you must have a lot of haters. :rofl:

  14. i'm heck of bored. Entertain me....

  15. You're dang ?!!

  16. Anyway look, your 4 star is back.

  17. No, and i wont. That's a promise from The Joker, uh huh.


    That came out wrong. :/

  18. You wouldn't dare. He doesn't want my phone number anyway.


    Said you're not insulting anyone, but you were, weren't you ?!! I know a few haters who hate you deeply, dude, but i won't tell. That's why asked what did you do recently....

  19. I seriously want to kick Tooboku's ass. Read the picture thread.


    And hey, you're back a 3 star freak. :rofl:

  20. You'd better love me too.

  21. nothing much. Yee ?

  22. Happy birthday. Team Gisele forever.

  23. Yeaaah, it's ok i'll create another thread for you. BAHAHAHA....


    It's actually 6000 something posts but i lost some after the site's crash. Meeh, who cares ?!!.


    I just got back from my thanksgiving vacation in LA. How was yours ?!!


    Just gave you a 5star rating. Pay me back something....

  24. What did you do recently Jackass ?!! What have you done to humanity ?!!

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