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  1. BAHAHHA. Thanks. Where's my money ?!

  2. Thanks Pinky. 1 more year to go.

  3. Haha Thanks. Hope i'll enjoy being 20.

  4. Meeh nothing much. I'm enjoying my last day being 19. I'm going to be oooold.

  5. :rofl: Nice try, captain.

  6. Too bad you failed. I'm still suffering over here. Morons have taken this place over.

  7. Happy new year, sexy.

  8. Happy new year to you too, Destiny. : '

  9. Actually, nevermind. Fella.

  10. Yo yo yo. Joker has visited your profile. From now on, you're famous. BAHAHAHHA ....

    (JK )

  11. Arghh... 6 minutes late. But Merry Christmas, Destiny.

  12. And who says i'm still with him ?!!

  13. Merry Christmas and hey... how do you know ?!!

  14. Dude. It's my boyfriend's last name. And my friends call me Mis. Handerson. I dont know how Irene knows about that... but yeah. I'm shipping myself to Maryland.

  15. Well, merry christmas. :blah: . And you'd better not be doing what it is obviously supposed to be.

  16. Holy shit, i was just about to merry Christmas you but... i guess maybe later, dude. *tiptoes outa here*

  17. Merry Christmas Jens.

  18. Awww. Thank you, sexy. And merry christmas to you too.

  19. How come I don't see any "post more" anywhere ?!! Do you see it ?!! :whistle:

  20. BAHA, i'll try for you then... :whistle:

  21. dude, my msn sucks so much ass. I don't think i could ever use it again...

  22. Not much. but i'm planning teasing more people. BAHA.

  23. I meant i'm "alive" :P

  24. Unlike you, i'm alike and live well. You're awfully quiet recently!!! :persuazn:

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