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  1. You're always everyone's unexpected guest anyway...

  2. Hehehehe... thank you. :shifty:

  3. Haha, i know it was you to comment in my profile at TFS, Irene. Too bad i can't access your profile to comment back. Anyway, here's to it. YAY.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY Vannie the pooh hole!!!! :D

  5. Million thanks for the VS video.

  6. You called ?!! :shifty:

  7. dude, when are you getting a new one ?!! You're missing on a lot, girlfriend.

  8. woohoo....


  9. I suddenly saw your name on my visitors list. Miss me ?!! :shifty:

  10. Holly is still a member i guess. She registered long time ago. I don't have a probs with your Q, Mis.Q :rofl: I just love messing with you. Although it's kinda hard to read i must admit. And the mods and admins are having probs with your Q ?!! What do you mean ?!!

  11. OOOhh snap!!! I just break that beautiful number....

  12. I have never rated anyone less than 5 stars in my rating history. INCLUDING YOU JERK.

  13. At least he can beat KBIII anyday, wimp.

  14. what's up with that horny face in my profile, albaforever ?!! :shifty:

  15. OOOOoooo, meanie, i'm telling ken.

  16. such a blasphemy to my wonderFUK threads. <_<.

    No i think Holly registered long time ago.

  17. LOSER!!! Anyway... now i don't know where to post, how to begin.... it's weird... :S

  18. The good thing is.... your back a 4 star bastard. :rofl:

  19. yeah, im that bored.... *yawns*

  20. Why suuure... I can sign on your butt too...

  21. OMG Joker, i'm your biggest fan, can i have your photograph please ?!! Please ?!! Please ?!!

  22. Holy Shit i thought today is Monday and i followed the wrong schedule.... :chicken: DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT !!!

  23. Dies ist Deutschland ?! :shifty:

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