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  1. Happy Birthday, To The Star.

  2. Happy Birthday, big boy.

  3. oops !!! My bad :P

  4. Habee Bday Thiago.

  5. Right. I can still own and starve you. Hamster is a waste !!!

  6. Habee B-day. You can legally have sex from now on. Yay !! Am i too late ?!

  7. Habee B-day. Hoping you wont have to see me again !!

  8. Habee birthday, young man/woman/other.

  9. A habee b-day wish from The Joker.... why dont you celebrate !!! :shifty:

  10. BTW, i see why you only have 3 stars, those lima fans are idiots. I gave you 5 stars but it doesnt change anything. How sad.


    *No offense to our brothers and sisters :angel: :hug: :kiss: :heart: !!!

  11. BOO !! A visit from the Joker you've been dreaming for...BAHAHAHHA......


  12. keep on*

    DAMN IT !!!

  13. same old, same old... mbinebri is still flirting with girls and i keep ok bashing members... :shifty:

  14. I wasnt "saying" i was "demanding" !! :persuazn: .

  15. A visit in my profile and all you noticed was my b-day year ?! WHat's about my personal statement and... other things YOU .....YOU..... !!!

  16. I didnt buy the hamster. DAMN !!!

  17. You slaves couldnt do anything else but hoping ?!! I'm disappointed. DETENTION !!!!

  18. HAHA thank you. There're too many retards that need to be wiped out and i'm free. :angel:

  19. Joker doesnt feel well today. You slaves'd better go make me happy !!! :mellow:

  20. tomorrow, eat *beeps* !!!! :persuazn:

  21. Habee Bday old man. BAHAAHA...

  22. tell him to kiss my ass

  23. I shine even when i sleep, baby!!! :shifty:

  24. If he runs away, i'll make your life worse than dying. Now go clone The Joker and make him happy. SHOOO !!!

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