The rise of Grace Elizabeth

Just a few years ago, the name Grace Elizabeth might not have rang a bell. But now it’s hard to open any magazine, watch any runway, or shop any catalogue without seeing the models face. Grace, now the Victoria’s Secret Pink line spokesperson, has taken the fashion industry by storm. Just two years ago the model was signed to her first agency (NEXT) and her career has been rising up ever since. Shortly after signing she nabbed a contract with Guess and also starred in the Polo Ralph Lauren Summer 2015 campaign.

Then the model began to appear in every major clothing catalogue including Express, H&M and Urban Outfitters, which quickly gained the attention of Victoria’s Secret. In Spring 2016 she began modeling for the brand and appeared in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show then just a few months later was named Pink’s newest spokesperson. Grace discussed with Fox news the experience of making her Victoria’s Secret runway debut:

“Walking in the Victoria’s Secret show has been my dream from the beginning. I prayed, cried, screamed, and danced right before I went out. All I know is that my wings were heavy until the moment my feet hit the runway. I then felt light as feather.”


Besides walking the VS runway the model was a staple for major brands during New York, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks making runway appearances for Isabel Marant, Elie Saab, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel.

Since her start the model has also appeared in multiple Elle and Vogue magazine editorials, with Vogue Russia April 2017, marking her first Vogue cover. If Grace keeps up the momentum, the model seems destined for superstardom.

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