Family Affairs in High Fashion

It is impossible not to know Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner whose families have been in the spotlight for many years. They have gone in a short period of time from being just it-girls to be considered as supermodels. That is why it is not surprising the amount of covers and contracts both models lead at present, but here comes the question everyone is wondering: are they good models or is just fame?

There is no doubt that Gigi and Kendall have a huge fan army as their Instagram accounts reveal, millions of people are following them and considering them as the real deal. However, their process to become a supermodel has not been as complex as other model’s, having a famous surname behind your name implies many benefits. What is clear and we all can agree is that these girls are beautiful and gorgeous, so we are not going to talk about an undeniable fact.

Gigi and Kendall have both grown in families that have been surrounded by cameras and reality shows, their names were known way before they even tried to find a place in the industry. Of course, that helped when they got their first contract. Suddenly, they were in the spotlight and in every gossip magazine. It is not false to say that they train every single day to be in shape, that they have their own struggles, but what is true is that it was easier for them to reach to this point. There are a lot of models in the industry, and they have to fight every single day to become someone and to stand out from the others. Many of them do not get to the spotlight, and other models sadly have an expiration day.  Being a supermodel is a hard path, and it is important to say that it is far away from gossips, it is all about wearing and walking designer’ clothes as a pro. We sometimes forget that high fashion is about designer’s’ creations and not about models and their lives.

We could add some more names to this list: Hailey Baldwin, Sofía Richie, Lily-Rose Depp, Bella Hadid, Georgia May Jagger, etc.

So have fashion industry dropped or changed? Or is it just that people only care about models?

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