Exclusive Interview: Valeria Rudenko on Self Love and Making It In The Modeling Industry

The modeling industry gets more cut throat year after year. New girls burst onto the scene walking some of the worlds most prestigious runways, then are never to be seen again. Model Valeria Rudenko came onto the scene just a few short years ago, but a lot of hard work, she’s here to stay. From practicing self love, to having thick skin in the industry, Valeria just may have the secret to sticking around. Check out our exclusive interview with Valeria Rudenko below.

First thing is first! How did you get started in the modeling industry?

I was discovered by a scout on the “Russian Facebook” Vk.com. They wrote to me when I was 12 years old and immediately sent out a contract from their Paris office, which of course I didn’t believe because it seemed way too fast and easy. But when I realised who the agency was I signed with them because they are one of the best in my country.

It’s crazy how social media has become such a platform for starting careers. In the age of a million Instagram models, how do you differentiate yourself online?

I don’t try to differentiate myself online, I never compare myself to anyone – even with girls with same type and same pics can have different accounts, followers and own view at the system of posting it. No one is same, I guess that’s the difference.

Are there any models or actresses you really look up to for inspiration?

If I need inspiration I go to my own archives and I look at the best pictures I have where I’m in my best shape and have a good expression. That’s the best inspiration, because you realize it’s you and you achieved that and you can do even better. But sure I have been inspired by other models and I even have a saved folder with pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Penelope Cruz, Gisele and other VS models. But first I look for interviews with them to see how they talk and think, how many languages they know and then I pick my favorites. They must be smart first, because it’s too easy just to be beautiful nowadays.

Have you ever dealt with or witnessed any discrimination on set?

It depends what you call a discrimination. I was working in China a lot at a young age and there were a lot of things which I was not happy about, but I guess it’s a different society and culture from Europe, so I didn’t try and take it so seriously.

We noticed you’ve worked with a lot of great photographers and models. Any experiences really stick at as career highlights?

Actually every single day of shooting and being a model I feel lucky. Particularly every day you learn how to become a better person ; you meet all these new amazingly talented people, beautiful models, art photographers , who all inspire you.

It seems like it can get discouraging trying to make it in the fashion world today. Do you have any advice for women trying to break into the modeling industry?

The most important advice is to love yourself , because your self-worth is not based on what you look like, how much your weight and how many followers and money you have. And if you’ve had bad days doesn’t mean you have a bad life. You are enough. So important to remember and feel this way because modeling is a very cold industry, which can break you mentally and physically, especially if you are young. You have to be strong, be positive-thinking and always ready for anything.

Want to see more of Valeria? Check out some of her work in the gallery below:

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Valeria Rudenko

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