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Here's the list:

99: Ivanka Trump

98: Diane Lane

97: Erica Durance

96: Beth Ostrosky

95: Cassie

94: Gabrielle Union

93: Diora Baird

92: Amerie

91: Jennifer Love Hewitt

90: Kelis

89: Alana de la Garza

88: Mayra Veronica

87: Paz Vega

86: Cindy Margolis

85: Dita Von Teese

84: Hilary Duff

83: Zhang Ziyi

82: Candice Michelle

81: Mia Kirshner

80: Anne Hathaway

79: Aisha Tyler

78: Mallika Sherawat

77: Rosario Dawson

76: Jennifer Aniston

75: Jennifer Lopez

74: Jordana Brewster

73: Megan Fox

72: Naureen Zaim

71: Kristin Cavallari

70: Nicole Scherzinger

69: Jennifer Esposito

68: Isla Fisher

67: Bridget Moynahan

66: Carrie Underwood

65: Torrie Wilson

64: Vida Guerra

63: Vanessa Minnillo

62: Sienna Miller

61: Jennifer Nicole Lee

60: Fergie

59: Thandie Newton

58: Cheryl Tweedy

57: Kristin Kreuk

56: Gwen Stefani

55: Garcelle Beauvais

54: Sienna Guillory

53: Mandy Moore

52: Keira Knightley

51: Alena Seredova

50: Lindsay Lohan

49: Maria Sharapova

48: Nelly Furtado

47: Lucy Liu

46: Melissa Theuriau

45: Eva Mendes

44: Josie Maran

43: Rachel Bilson

42: Sofia Vergara

41: Caterina Murino

40: Aishwarya Rai

39: Katherine Heigl

38: Molly Sims

37: Elsa Benitez

36: Penelope Cruz

35: Christina Aguilera

34: Gong Li

33: Kelly Brook

32: Salma Hayek

31: Roselyn Sanchez

30: Evangeline Lilly

29: Emmanuelle Chriqui

28: Christine Dolce

27: Petra Nemcova

26: Tyra Banks

25: Brooke Burke

24: Charlize Theron

23: Eva Green

22: Natalie Portman

21: Jessica Simpson

20: Rihanna

19: Keeley Hazell

18: Monica Bellucci

17: Eva Longoria

16: Kate Beckinsale

15: Rachel McAdams

14: Gisele Bundchen

13: Heidi Klum

12: Marisa Miller

11: Halle Berry

10: Elisha Cuthbert

9: Angelina Jolie

8: Maria Menounos

7: Shakira

6: Alessandra Ambrosio

5: Jessica Biel

4: Adriana Lima

3: Jessica Alba

2: Scarlett Johansson

1: Beyonce

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not a list of my taste... :D

21: Jessica Simpson - what the hell is this woman doing here?? :o

20: Rihanna - hm...pretty, but only with make up on

19: Keeley Hazell - don´t even know her

18: Monica Bellucci - wonderful :heart:

17: Eva Longoria - oh man...have you seen her without that tons of make up she´s always wearing??????

16: Kate Beckinsale - gorgeous woman, should be moooore higher!!!

15: Rachel McAdams - nc

14: Gisele Bundchen - no comment, she´s the one for me

13: Heidi Klum - love :)

12: Marisa Miller - dunno

11: Halle Berry - sexyness

10: Elisha Cuthbert - joking??

9: Angelina Jolie - a Queen

8: Maria Menounos - dunno

7: Shakira - don´t get me wrong...she´s a wonderful woman, but 7th place?? NO

6: Alessandra Ambrosio - this one I love...she´s gorgeous :heart:

5: Jessica Biel - oky, no way she should be on the 5th position :o she´s pretty, but average

4: Adriana Lima - beautyness, but not as beautiful as she used to be

3: Jessica Alba - HOT :D

2: Scarlett Johansson - she´s got her better times, and worse times, but generally speakin, she´s not so beautiful

1: Beyonce - yeah, wonderful and gorgeous, but not enough for the first place

just my opinion :) :) I´m too lazy to comment the others :D

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Have you ever seen heidi klum with no make up?!?! SHE LOOKS LIKE an average boring ugly girl.

I do'nt really know why beyonce is number one but whatever she is still hot. THE TOP 4 IS PRETTY GOOD I HAVE TO SAY!...Jessica Biel i dont think so the only reason she is number one is cause of her fat ass...which is nice buuuuut.

Torri WIlson and Carrie underwood....ok?!?!

And half those people i have no idea who they are...keely hazel emanuel chiki???

Ivanka Trump should be in the top ten she is GORGEOUS!...and where's ANA B and Karolina K.

Oh and alisha cutchbert is stunning too.

Oh and Jessica Simpson is a beautiful blonde. SHe looks great with no make up and just in her sweat pants...and also when she gets dressed up.

Gisele's face is all chewed up from the sun now.

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this list is very relative because for each one beauty is looks for example like adriana, for other gisele, another prefer monica.. But I disagree with some places like jessica simpson,beyonce,jessica biel...and on the other side, some great faces and names are missing

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98: Diane Lane (Y)

Nice, good to know that there are people who can appreciate women in their 40s.

93: Diora Baird (Y)

Good call, amazing body!

76: Jennifer Aniston

Nah, she's not that popular anymore now that Brad left her. She does have killer legs, though.

65: Torrie Wilson (N)

What is she doing here?! Well ok, I guess that wrestling is still popular in the US...

64: Vida Guerra (Y)

Most definitely YES.

60: Fergie

She's fairly popular nowadays, could be a little higher on the list too, but her face must have stopped the jury from placing her nearer the top.

58: Cheryl Tweedy (N)

I really can't see anything in this girl. She seems so ordinary and she's not that hot at all.

50: Lindsay Lohan (N)

WTF?! It's not her time anymore, get over it. Now she's a skinny slut.

49: Maria Sharapova

Higher, please! She deserves more than Anna K., because she actually wants to play tennis.

45: Eva Mendes (Y)

She should be definitely higher on the list, maybe even Top 10. Great media hype around her, it can't go unnoticed.

35: Christina Aguilera

Her new image of a glamorous celebrity certainly did her well.

32: Salma Hayek (Y)

It's always a safe bet.

26: Tyra Banks (N)

OK, she might have been one of the sexiest models ever, but her prime time is over. She's starting to get old and her eyes keep getting bigger.

23: Eva Green (Y)

A well-deserved stand. Another intriguing French woman. Mrrr...

19: Keeley Hazell (Y)

Certainly. The last year was clearly hers.

18: Monica Bellucci (Y)

14: Gisele Bundchen (Y)

Another safe bets for the list.

5: Jessica Biel (Y)

Finally somebody appreciated this voluptuous woman. Woo-hoo!

2: Scarlett Johansson (Y)

Should be first, I guess.

1: Beyonce

Quite exaggerated choice, but she deserves Top 20 anyway.

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its just a list of the top 99 girls guys want to stick their dicks in.

What do you think motives any of the guys around here to hoard thousands of jpegs on their computers?!

Anyway, I liked seeing Ivanka Trump and Paz Vega on there. They don't seem to get as much attention, but they're both lovely. :)

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