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  1. RVD_009


    Oh man I'd LOVE to see it!!!
  2. RVD_009

    Miranda Kerr

    Does anyone have the full picture of this? More importantly do they have a bunch from this shoot?
  3. RVD_009

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    Hey thanks for the help nothingless!
  4. RVD_009

    Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Underwear

    This might be a hard one...but does anyone know what the full size pic of this is? What picture its from?
  5. Execllent editorial and scans..they all looked amazing! BEN MAC!
  6. I think it'll be Miranda. BEN MAC!
  7. RVD_009

    General Discussion

  8. RVD_009


    AMAZING episode tonight! JACK BAUER IS THE MAN!!!! Seriously in the top 5 episodes of 24! BEN MAC!
  9. RVD_009

    Ugly Betty

    Love Ugly Betty, I believe its back this week! BEN MAC!
  10. RVD_009

    Victoria's Secret Swimwear

    Great pics! BEN MAC!
  11. RVD_009

    General Clothing

    Great sets of pics! BEN MAC!
  12. RVD_009

    General Discussion

    MANNN I live in Canada so when shows are on NBC or FOX or ABC and so on..most of the time Canadian stations take over and I miss all the Victoria's Secret Commericals! BEN MAC!
  13. RVD_009

    General Babes Motion

    Thanks for the great vids sanja! Also I heard from a friend that he saw a NEW Victoria's Secret commerical of Alessandra advertising their Very Sexy collection..and it was AH MAZING!! If it helps to find it I heard it was on during the commercials of tonights episode of 24 on FOX, which airs 9:00pm - 10:00pm Eastern time. I am dying to see it! Please someone find it and capture it in good quality! BEN MAC!
  14. RVD_009

    Doutzen Kroes

    Thanks for the info Strawberry BigMac! BEN MAC!
  15. RVD_009

    Bar Refaeli

    Great video! BEN MAC!