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Chiling Lin


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No. 1 Model in Taiwan

Chinese Name:林志玲

English Name:Chiling Lin

Birthday: 11/29/1974

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Measurements: 34D 23.5 35

Blood type: O

Interest: traveling

Nickname: Ling-Ling, ice-cream

English name: Chiling Lin

Educational background: The University of Toronto

Majored in Western Art History and Economics

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Specialty: ballet, swimming, foreign languages, performance

Favorite color: white

Favorite movie star: Audrey Hepburn

The part of her body she's most satisfied with: her face

The representative work: attending the CHANEL international show of 1999

Television works

The host of TVBS-G LA mode News

The TVBS-G fashion track host

Hosted The Golden Melody Awards in 2005

The job she wants the most in the future: TV news anchor

Things about Chiling

Chiling attended the Bishop Strachan School in Canada for her senior year of high school. She majored in Western Art History and Economics at the University of Toronto.

Chi-Ling Lin Biography

Chi-ling Lin is one of Taiwan's top models, making over 1,000,000 USD in 2004 by promoting several different products. Although she is primarily known as a model, she is starting to become an actress.

She is the famous model of Catwalk. She studied in the Bishop Strachan school in Canada when she was an senior high student. Also, she majored in Western Art History and Economics in Toronto University.

As one of the most prominent celebrities in Taiwan, Lin Chi-Ling has been named as Taiwan's most beautiful woman. She has been in numerous photo shoots and modeling jobs as a result of her fame in Taiwan. Although she started her career in 1999, it wasn't until recently that she became well-known in Asia.

She has been rumored to be the girlfriend of Jerry Yan, who works in the same talent agency. This rumor also brought her a lot of publicity. Still, nothing has been revealed about her connection with Jerry Yan.

In 2006, she begins filming her first movie, entitled "Red Cliff." The director will be the prestigious John Woo.








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Name: Lin Zhi Ling (Ling Zhi Ling, Lin Chi Ling, Lam Chih Ling)

Nickname: Bing ChiLing (means ice-cream), ChiLing, Ling-Ling

Birthdate: November 29, 1973

Birthplace: Taiwan

Height: 174cm

Weight: 52kg

Blood Type: O

Education: University of Toronto (Western Art History and Economics)

Profession: Supermodel, TV and show host, soon to be actress

Favorite color: White

Favorite actress: Audrey Hepburn

Lin Zhi Ling created a phenomena in Taiwan, it take just less than a year to make her the most talk about celebrity in worldwide Chinese community.

Lin Zhi Ling came from a strong family background, she left Taiwan when she was 15 and obtained her double major degree from Toronto University.

Lin Zhi Ling started her entertainment career in modelling in 1999, started in catwalk and featured in various commercial ads, gradually gaining popularity among Taiwanese.

ChiLing’s popularity however shot sky high in 2004 when she was rumored to be the girlfriend of Taiwan heartthrob Jerry Yan, whom they work in the same modelling agency. Their relationship still remains a mystery today.

The ‘Zhi Ling miracle’ was unstoppable since then, she appeared as ambassador for various products, started hosting TV show and gala events like Golden Horse Awards.

Lin Zhi Ling made international headlines in 2005 when she fell from a horse and suffered severe injury while filming for a commercial advertisement in China. The incident also created debates and controversies when Taiwan officials use president-like treatments for her, including a private jet to bring her back to Taiwan.

It took Zhi Ling a few months to recover from her injury, her entertainment career however was not affected, and grew even stronger.

In May 2006, Zhi Ling decided to take a break from her busy modelling and hosting career and take training courses in acting, to prepare for her debut movie “Red Cliff” directed by international famous director John Woo.

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Personally, I find Lin Zhi Ling a little too "tv-model" than high fashion model. Her look is too commercial, which is perfect for selling laundry detergent and pimple cream.

That said, the last photo you posted (above) is probably the most editorially high fashion look I've EVER seen of her. She has great potential for edgier stuff.

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