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  1. anyone have any idea where is this one from? she is hot hot hot!!
  2. skyalien


    Does anyone know where I can watch Alessandra Ambrosio reality show? Thanks
  3. I have been waiting her on VS since I first see her. Lovely
  4. rumors say she pregnant, is that true?
  5. skyalien

    Who is She?

    Who is She? Jessica what?
  6. Thank you, she is beautiful
  7. Yes!! I'm very happy for her, but I still want to say: good for her, bad for me
  8. Yes it is, I'm really happy she finally get back.
  9. skyalien


    no matter how many time I said this, i still going to say " she is the hottest woman in the world"
  10. she is so so hot, any one know when is her wedding date?
  11. skyalien

    Zhang Ziyi

    Any one have the pic. she and her boyfriend at beach
  12. skyalien

    Blake Lively

    I had a weird dream about her last night. It was so weird, I was dating with her, and then we had a fight, so she run a away, but I think she will be back, so stay waiting for, then I wake, I never know she back or not, even it is just dream.
  13. News say Hyori was pass out after the concert. she was too tired.
  14. Thanks so much, they are great!!!!!
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