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    Eugen Bauder

    i think i found a couple of unposted pictures of him! they're kind of old, but still... oh, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO EUGEN! (:
  2. {name}

    Eugen Bauder

    just out of curiousity (and because this thread deserves a bump!) who's the girl in those pictures?
  3. Stats Height: 6' 1" (185cm) Waist: 32" (81cm) Shoes: 10 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Suit: 40" R Shirt: 15.5" Shirt Sleeve: 33" Inseam: 32" Collar: 155 Agencies Chosen Chicago Major - New York
  4. {name}


    Trust me I've been looking, it's just not that easy.
  5. {name}


    Really? Huh. I guess it depends on where And yeah, they tend to be short.
  6. {name}


    Wow! An Asian male model. That's new! There are rarely such tall, good-looking Asian guys. Trust me, I know. I live in China.
  7. Any more pictures of Mayra?
  8. Ohmygod this girl is so freaking annoying... She looks like such a ho. I'm not even kidding. She's all like "LOOK AT ME I'M SO SEXY I'M WITH GASPARD ULLIEL!" And Gaspard's just like "...okay." I almost feel pity for her. She probably only saw how silly she looked after she took the pictures. [/endrant] Gaspard is totally hot by the way.
  9. I know. All the more reason to like him. He's got nothin' on Andrew, though. I would be euphoric if I found a baby picture of Andrew. Any more pictures?
  10. OHMYGOSH THAT IS SO CUTEEEE. ADORABLE BABY PHOTO. ...I am in love. [i love little kids. They are adorable.]
  11. Dangit, I love long-haired guys. I'm becoming verrrry involved in this thread, lol. More from Ellen at MH. And this is all I've got for now. This is the second part of one of the photoshoots already up. It's from, I think... FASHION MODEL MANAGEMENT (MILANO):
  12. Edited. I had the sepia one up initially, but I took it down because it was a repost. And then I forgot to change the label. Wow, Pawel is quite a catch. I'm beginning to like him a LOT. Pictures by Ellen of MH. More, from... FASHION MODEL MANAGEMENT (MILANO):
  13. Topman. Not bad at all. Mine was a night out with friends and a couple of guys. Nothing too special but fun all the same. Picture from bambi on MH. [edit] Turns out the images I wrangled up were reposts, so there's only one new one. I-D:
  14. I'm sure it's true. I wish him best of luck. Anyway, pictures are from bambi on MH. Happy Valentine's Day! <3 TOPMAN:
  15. I have no idea why I put pretty, haha. I think he's more cute than pretty. I couldn't find anything when I searched for him. You're lucky you met him! Maybe I'll go look on MH and see if I can dig anything up there.
  16. There's only one word to describe him: divine. He is seriously the most gorrrrgeous thing ever. Image taken from Andrew's ModelWatch interview. --- I'll quote his interview here, but you can see it here. The Amazing Andrew Smith! ModelWatch interviews one of the hottest male models in the _international scene, DNA's top bet, Andrew Smith! By Jed Medina, December 2004 At the tender age of 19, Australia’s Andrew Smith has already established himself as one of fashion’s most sought-after male mannequin. After only 3 months since he got discovered, Smith already made waves in Milan and Paris. Having gotten the honor to open the latest Calvin Klein show in Milan and getting some of the most prestigious editorials with today’s top fashion magazines, Andrew Smith is just a neophyte, yet already gaining the admiration of his fellow male models. ModelWatch takes a closer look at Andrew Smith and ask him about this ‘roller-coaster’ ride to arrive at modeling world’s cream of the crop! ------ Jed: You’ve been to Milan and Paris and already made quite an impression. A number of people have been describing you as a major player. In fact, you already got the nod of one of fashion’s most reputable designers, Calvin Klein. How was it so far, being a male model? Andrew: Working in the fashion industry is an exciting ride, but like all things it won’t last forever so I’m enjoying it while I can and keeping myself from falling into ‘the model life’. Jed: What was it like opening the Calvin Klein show? What’s the atmosphere before you began walking the runways? What sort of preparation did the guys at CK do in order for you to learn some catwalk tricks? Andrew: Opening the CK show was a really intense job for me considering that previously I had only done one show so I had a fair amount of pressure on my shoulders, but still it was really exciting. The preparation was basically me at my hotel asking the other model blokes how they walk and them teaching me how to do ‘the walk’. ModelWatch: Priscilla, your mother agency, took note of what many would agree as a “roller-coaster” ride, your entering modeling. Tell us how you got spotted and became a model? What have been some of your memorable experiences so far? Andrew: The reason I became a male model was as most models would say is for the money and that modeling work is the easiest job in the entire galaxy, but what convinced me even more to sign up was seeing Henry Pallet (male model at Priscillas) in a Mossimo poster in the city and thinking to myself I look quite similar to this fella why not give it a shot! So I rang up Priscilla’s and that’s where it all started. Jed: Tell us more about you, who is Andrew Smith before fashion beckons and embrace you into its world? What’s a typical day for you? Andrew: Before I became a model and moved to the city you would find me slaving away at a stockfeeds my parents own out in Camden west of Sydney, lugging around bags of feed and also helping with horse training around the area. A typical day involves waking up about 11am, reading and watching trash all day etc… I’m taking advantage of my lazy lifestyle now knowing that it won’t last forever. Jed: What do you like most about Australia? What would be some of your memories of home? Andrew: Memories of Australia and home are basically entwined into one happy memory of my mates in footy getting pretty drunk at our local pub and really just having a ‘no worries’ endless weekend. Jed: Did you family reacted favourably to your modeling or did they seem worried about the whole issue? Andrew: At start my old man was pretty sketchy about the whole thing, since I “deferred” from UNI and dropped out of football, but since I’ve come back to Australia every body is really supportive and happy for me. Jed: What sort of music do you like? Andrew: I’m a bit of an old punker my fav bands include Bad religion, Guttermouth and Strung out. Jed: What would fun mean to you? What type of sports you like? Andrew: Going playing rugby all day having a win then going ton the pub and getting shitfaced….pretty simple dreams really. Jed: Do you like dressing up? Who would be some of your favorite designers and brands? Andrew: I'm not much of a fashion "who ha" but my fave designers would have to be Helmut Lang and Calvin Klein, but dressing up I guess is ok, it makes you feel way more richer than your bank statement really says. Jed: Traveling to Europe and the US and being able to visit exotic places, many models seem to like this bit. Tell us what would be some of your impressions of Milan and Paris, also of New York? Andrew: Paris has got to be 2nd best city in the world for me apart from home, I think it’s just that they have so much history and so many places to see it’s an amazing place and I can’t wait to go back there. Milan was also quite cool but not as nice as Paris apart from the free food every where at pubs and clubs that was awesome. There is only one thing to say about New York is that it is huge and it lives up to all its expectations. Jed: Aside from Calvin Klein, any particular designers you look forward to working with in the future? Any dream modeling assignment you have been thinking lately? Andrew: Not really but it would good to work with any overseas designers. Jed: How would you describe a photoshoot session? How do you prepare for it? A number of models say it involves a bit of acting, do you agree? Andrew: I guess when you go on the shoot you have to step out of your normal way of thinking and just try and look as good as possible and keep everyone happy. I don’t really prepare for it I just make sure I don’t go out the night before the shoot. Jed: Are male models really that competitive? What have been some of your experiences dealing with your fellow models? Have you acquired some friends since you started modeling? Who would they be? Andrew: The competition I guess is pretty tough overseas especially in Milan were there are hundreds of male models all competing, but I came out Milan with heaps of mates especially from the UK... ...And the guys that are really competitive are normally wankers anyway that have been modeling for many years and just won’t let go and move on so they try and intimidate you from jobs they did 25 years ago. Jed: How do you see yourself 4-5 years from now? Any particular plans you have for the future? Andrew: Yeah I hope to go back to UNI to finish my degree and also play rugby again.
  17. Can I change mine to Nae? Naomii's not really doing it for me. Just Nae. Thanks!
  18. Ashley is so much more talented. Vanessa is a slut.
  19. She is a bit impulsive, isn't she? I really like how hardworking she is, though. Adrianne_Curry.bmp Adrianne_Curry.bmp
  20. She's red-hot in China right now, mainly Taiwan. =)
  21. I think Vlada is a very pretty girl, but seems to be rather self-centered. I've heard her on TV and she's usually talking about her dresses or herself, but that doesn't stop her from being one of my favorite models.
  22. I think she looks really young. 20-ish maybe.
  23. She is gorgeous. A bit like a perfect blonde, or a young Barbie.
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