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  1. {name}

    Eugen Bauder

    i think i found a couple of unposted pictures of him! they're kind of old, but still... oh, and HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO EUGEN! (:
  2. {name}

    Eugen Bauder

    just out of curiousity (and because this thread deserves a bump!) who's the girl in those pictures?
  3. Stats Height: 6' 1" (185cm) Waist: 32" (81cm) Shoes: 10 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Suit: 40" R Shirt: 15.5" Shirt Sleeve: 33" Inseam: 32" Collar: 155 Agencies Chosen Chicago Major - New York
  4. {name}


    Trust me I've been looking, it's just not that easy.
  5. {name}


    Really? Huh. I guess it depends on where And yeah, they tend to be short.
  6. {name}


    Wow! An Asian male model. That's new! There are rarely such tall, good-looking Asian guys. Trust me, I know. I live in China.
  7. Any more pictures of Mayra?
  8. Ohmygod this girl is so freaking annoying... She looks like such a ho. I'm not even kidding. She's all like "LOOK AT ME I'M SO SEXY I'M WITH GASPARD ULLIEL!" And Gaspard's just like "...okay." I almost feel pity for her. She probably only saw how silly she looked after she took the pictures. [/endrant] Gaspard is totally hot by the way.
  9. I know. All the more reason to like him. He's got nothin' on Andrew, though. I would be euphoric if I found a baby picture of Andrew. Any more pictures?
  10. OHMYGOSH THAT IS SO CUTEEEE. ADORABLE BABY PHOTO. ...I am in love. [i love little kids. They are adorable.]
  11. Dangit, I love long-haired guys. I'm becoming verrrry involved in this thread, lol. More from Ellen at MH. And this is all I've got for now. This is the second part of one of the photoshoots already up. It's from, I think... FASHION MODEL MANAGEMENT (MILANO):
  12. Edited. I had the sepia one up initially, but I took it down because it was a repost. And then I forgot to change the label. Wow, Pawel is quite a catch. I'm beginning to like him a LOT. Pictures by Ellen of MH. More, from... FASHION MODEL MANAGEMENT (MILANO):
  13. Topman. Not bad at all. Mine was a night out with friends and a couple of guys. Nothing too special but fun all the same. Picture from bambi on MH. [edit] Turns out the images I wrangled up were reposts, so there's only one new one. I-D:
  14. I'm sure it's true. I wish him best of luck. Anyway, pictures are from bambi on MH. Happy Valentine's Day! <3 TOPMAN:
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