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Alessandra Ambrosio is gorgeous!!!!!!


Who loves Alessandra???  

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  1. 1. Who loves Alessandra???

    • yes
    • no (if you say this you are crazy)

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well i voted and i thought i would explain myself....i voted no and the reason is because she has her moments...sometimes a look at an alessandra pic and say man she is gorgeous and sometimes i look at an alessandra pic and think she is ok...whether it be vs, editorial, advertisement or whatever...you cant say a person is gorgeous if you dont find that person gorgeous in ever single picture but that is my opinion and i hope an arguement doesnt errupt out of this but i wanted to say how i voted and why.

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ya I can agree with that, some pictures dont look that great because of the way they were shot, I personally dont think it has anything to do with her being gorgeous or anything. Because my 2nd favorite is Adriana Lima and there are some pics that I dont necessarily like of hers because of the way they were taken.

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i used to like alessandra a lot.she was my favorite until i saw adriana. i do think that ale is very pretty but she doesn't make me want to look at her pics. like adriana does and other models. i never go to her thread simply because i'm not interested in seeing her pictures. jess we've talked about this on the phone so you know how i feel :)

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shes okay, but she either looks good in a picture or she doesn't. Adriana looks good in every picture, she gives the picture emotion and feeling..i cant really explain it.

Thats just your opinion though, I dont think that Adriana looks good in every pic. I think they are both gorgeous but I dont think either of them look good in every pic.

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With Ale, tthere is a certain sweetness to her pics that I like.

I think she's cute in a lot of her pics. She's not the OMG wow knockout beauty Adriana is and her face doesn't really appeal to me most of the time.

But overall, I think she looks like a mouse. I don't know why, maybe it's cause her face is too long and narrow and her eyes are small, but I get that impression frequently.

I had to go with no...

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Both Adriana And Alessandra have bad pics, but Adriana tends to dominate hers, even if they are bad she brings an attitutude and sex appeal to the front that Alessandra will simply never had. But saying somebody isnt gorgeous like Alessandra is silly and being picky. Shes one of the prettiest and most versatile models from anyangle, and she has her own playful version of sex appeal thats tough to beat. She's number two on a lot of peoples list only because Adriana is what she is. So I voted yes.

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