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  1. happy b-day :D

  2. cary elwes saw monica potter
  3. a disgruntled employee
  4. lets see here blondes < beer < redheads < brunettes so i guess my vote is for deanna miller? even tho i have no idea who she is but sure why not
  5. jet li unleashed morgan freeman
  6. heres the rest of that editorial. i think its just the spanish version of the glamour (us) one. i believe its posted somewhere around here
  7. {name}


    ha im 2 for 2 so far but im gonna say spurs in 5 or possibly 6
  8. {name}


    bwhahaha nadal beat federer
  9. robin shou beverly hills ninja chris farley
  10. thats ludicrous if she were cheating the panties would be off
  11. what the hell is she eating? a tomato?
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