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  1. Oh I really like her modelling stuff! Her TikTok content was forgettable but she look greats in pro shoots.
  2. I dunno why but I thought Kelly's shoots would get less and less sexy now that she's engaged ... but instead it seems like she's doing more? First the Intimates and now those amazing Ketella photos.
  3. The two noted are Clint and Michael Murchie... I'm pretty sure there's a lot more but those are the two that have been previously been called out. Clint is pretty well know and has had previous complaints from models, but Murchie is an Australia specific photographer and works with both adults and kids like Emily and the Wollard sisters.
  4. She's not represented by Que any more? I'm not sure what you're basing this on but her instagram and the website still has her listed... and I would be very surprised if Que didn't do their due diligence on Emily's age, if nothing else because it would probably be required for tax purposes.
  5. I would expect a "Sweet 16" post more than I would a "finally legal" post on an account probably run by her parents. đŸ˜¬
  6. Some of those gooseberry intimates ... where ... where'd her boobs go?
  7. I like her a lot! I can't find where she's from? The modeling agency suggests South Africa?
  8. Google doesn't do the research, it quotes other pages ... the same pages that have been using the wrong Famous Birthday age for 2+ years now. Take for example 16 year old Ava Bizjak ... she's got one *really* wrong gossip page out there, and hilariously that's the page google sources it's data from. Whoever runs the show at listal has higher standards than these click bait gossip pages. While they're not exempt at getting things wrong from time to time, they've got both Emily and Ava right.
  9. it feels weird diving into the personal life of an underage model like this, but it's also weird that said model and her handlers won't actually say if she's underage or not, so here we are. The award she's holding in said photo has a date, September 2020. A little digging puts that at the end of "term 3" of Year 10. The Brisbane Cathiloc Education System, which Emily's school is part of, has 4 terms that start in January and ends in December. Their "years" line up roughly to those in the US, but they group them differently. Year 10 is the final year of the "middle years" before be
  10. that's not something I've heard any school be like... academic awards are given at the end of the academic period not at the start/end of the next one, yes? What do they do for academic awards of those in the year who are graduating and leaving? Mail it to you?
  11. There is *way* more evidence she just turned 16. Saw a recent social media account with her tagged in pictures celebrating her academic achievements at the Catholic School she goes to. It very clearly said she was in year 10, not year 12 ... so unless hers is a school that celebrates the academic achievements of someone who is two years behind where she's supposed to, it's just more evidence she's only 16. Saw another less savory site post a friends SM post about her birthday and added in "18yo" in the caption that did not exist in the original post once I dug it up. There are peop
  12. are y'all really fighting about y'alls chances to land a supermodel based on her sexual orientation?
  13. Even if you believe she's 17 you are missing the point. This is not a "oh no she forgot to wear a bra how terrible" moment... This is just another instance of a pervasive pattern of adults (photographers, agents, parents, whoever) who have been exploiting Emily for a long time now. Clint put her in a see through top last year. She has fashion photography going back several years ago, actually professional photo shoots, where you can see her bare breasts, not just the outline of it. I cannot stand people who sexually exploit children and I cannot stand parents who continue to let it
  14. The exploitation continues. She walked around an animal hospital today in a shirt that was ... something else. There is no way a parent or handler worth their salt lets a 15 year old girl, model or not, walk around like that, let alone post it to social media.
  15. @MadiFansI'm pretty sure the photographer requested these photos to be removed from the forum previously and had to be deleted by @Prettyphile. Have you since gotten permission?
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