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  1. Can someone help ID this model please. Thanks!
  2. I was surprised to find that Jayla Hardwell was not on listal. She now is: http://www.listal.com/jayla-harnwell. With 24 pictures I uploaded. Thx again.
  3. Thanks Kim! Google Image Search was letting me down in a big way.
  4. Can anyone tell me who this model is. There are many images of her at swimwearworld.com wearing Malai swimwear. Thanks in advance!
  5. eggy


    It's been forever since I've been on this forum. To make up for it I've posted 111 1680x1050 wallpapers to Zip_File_of_111_Ale_Wallpapers and I have also posted two mosaic images I created, ~17 Meg each. I also created a 4 meg version of one of them which I'll try to attach here. I only take credit for the mosaics and for compiling all the other wallpapers into a single downloadable file. The originals were painstakingly grabbed from bestwallpapershere.com. Enjoy!
  6. Clean Skin FX is a freeware package by Mediachance http://www.mediachance.com that does a similar thing. I've had great success with it.
  7. A quick pass thru Cleanskin FX and voila!
  8. I'm starting to move my collection here: http://www.igotfree.com/benteg/cpg149/index.php Enjoy....
  9. Well this isn't the same pic, but its the same outfit. There are others there you might like as well:
  10. eggy


    OMG, that commercial was sooooo Amazing. That's a great shot. I'm luvin it.
  11. This may be of some interest: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v513/cra...rrent=ale82.jpg
  12. Look what I found: Tons and tons of large high quality scans here. Lots of Duro, but lots of others too. http://www.kleffmanstyle.com/archives/0005...o_galleries.php
  13. Here you go Jules. It was a bit grainy, but I think you'll find this more to your liking:
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