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who has the best smile? i tried searching for this thread cause i imagined that it MUST'VE been one already, but i just couldn't find it.


my vote goes to karolina. but second choice is whitney. here's a whitney picture. from last september. this is post-rehab. she looks AMAAAAZING and is recording a new album now.


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Somone asked for my opinon of two people's smile...

This is for you -L-: *Not giving screen name*

1. Horse

2. Rabbit

Heaveth I absolutely adore your av and sig! Very very pretty.

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You're welcome dahlin. Do you know what kinds of flowers are in the Sig? The first one looks like Tullips *purple * and the last last one looks like some kind of Orchid, both of which are some of my all time favorite flowers.

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Wow nice pic of Whitney, when it comes to singing, no one touches her.

Julia Roberts has a cute smile in a way, but when you look at it for too long, her mouth is way too wide.

Anyway, Petra Nemcova has an adorable smile. And Heidi`s smile is cute too..I think she looks way better when smiling.

And nice thread! I like it. ;)

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top three

petra... gisele and heidi

i think people under estimate gisele's smile.. especially in this forum.. but umm... i dont think that anyone could not acknowledy petra's smile.. look at her!! and then heidi is like known world wide for her smile... so umm yes that is my verdict

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