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Candice Swanepoel


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I'm glad to see some fashion work from Candice with the editorial posted above. I myself am not a fan of jungle settings/animal prints (I like concrete, structures, grime, city stuff), but this natural setting is very fitting for Candice since she is such a nature girl. She looks great, and the editorial has great colors in it, though. I just would have picked a different location, but I'm not a photographer so no one cares about my opinion obviously lol


I think she looks best at the beach or somewhere in nature. Models like Miranda or Rosie look good with city settings because they strike me more as "go go go" business girls, whereas Candice is slow paced and relaxed, like nature. So the editorial and the ToC adds are just perfect for her!


Thanks to all for posting. 

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Great adds. @bump, I like your take on this. I'm agnostic with regard to city or natural settings, but I totally agree with you that some models (and photographers) seem more at home in one setting or the other. And some seem ok almost anywhere. Candice definitely shines in a natural setting, which is not to say she doesn't do well in urban space. Only that she seems in tune with things outside, and especially at the water.

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18 hours ago, JazzyJas2.0 said:

Candice is one of my favorite models BECAUSE of all her nature content. I only wish the editorial were larger :/ but well probably get some good outtakes 🌸

I hope we get some outtakes as well. While this isn't anywhere close to my favorite editorial of hers, I do like it and I hope we get some more pictures for the people like you that really are into her natural content. 


I remember she shot for The Upside with the NYC skyline as her backdrop and those pictures were lovely. I also liked her VSX that was shot outside in NY, I think in like 2016 maybe? Several models, like Lily and Stella and Jasmine, had outdoor city workout pictures that I absolutely loved! 


I think she looks the best on the beach, though. I would love to see an editorial with her done near the water, or like a lake or something. That would be nice. 

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