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Candice Swanepoel


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15 hours ago, Weasel79 said:

Both Lily and Sara have been in SI while working for VS. I don't see how the exposure could hurt.



True. However, and correct me if I'm wrong here, but didn't they both do SI before VS? I think this is the case, but again, could be very wrong here.


Either way, there has to be a reason why a company with as much exposure as SI, with the historic and great selling swimsuit issue, doesn't include a model like Candice. One would think it would be great for the magazine to have her and great exposure for Candice to be in it (not that she needs more exposure).

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9 hours ago, Schemer said:

She's too big for VS to do SI.

Lily and Sara are nowhere near important for VS (and I'm sure have smaller contracts) than Candice.


She'll never do SI. Just like Adri.


This is exactly my thought. Simply put, VS doesn't want her/won't let her do it, especially now that they have pumped up their own swimsuit special. She's there's to make their swimsuit "issue" and TV special great and they aren't sharing her.

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