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Last year I ran a Bellazon World Cup alongside the men's football competition (won by Brazil, represented by Lais Ribeiro). As it was fairly well received I thought I would run it again alongside the FIFA Women's World Cup that starts on June 7th.


Last time I just picked a model to represent each country, but this year I'll try a 'Qualifying Stage', so we can fairly choose someone to represent each of the 24 nations taking part. I'll have nominations open for six countries at a time, although there is no need to nominate a model for every country if you don't wish to.


To be eligible a model has to be born in the country they represent, and have a thread in the Female Fashion Model forum with photos from 2019.

It's meant to be a competition for 2019, so models will be judged on how they look this year. Some of the countries in the World Cup are harder to find models for than others, so we will probably have to bend a few of these rules (allowing for parent's nationalities, pictures from a couple of years ago, that sort of thing).



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Qualifying Week One

Pick one model to represent each of the following countries -



South Africa






Nominations are open for one week

The model with the most nominations will represent their country in the World Cup

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Some possible models to nominate include -


Nigeria - Mayowa Nicholas, Eniola Abioro

South Africa - Candice Swanepoel, Genevieve Morton, Niamh Adkins

Jamaica - Alicia Burke, Tami Williams

Japan - Tao Okamoto

Netherlands - Doutzen Kroes, Dioni Tabbers, Romee Strijd, Marloes Horst

Sweden - Elsa Hosk, Kelly Gale, Josefine Forsberg


But feel free to suggest any current model associated with that country (or not to nominate anyone)

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Yeah, this isn't proving very popular, so I'll just pick the models myself (last time I did it mainly based on other competitions, best European models, best Brazilian models etc.) and start the competition alongside the real world cup on the 7th June

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The competition will work the same way I did the World Cup 2018 last year, with matches determined by the FIFA Women's World Cup that starts on the 7th June. Each country that is playing in the real world cup will be represented by a model. I was trying to run a little qualification competition to see which model represents each country, but it seem like it was too confusing. 

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Ok, so the World Cup starts on Friday. Here are the groups and the models that I currently have down to represent each country (Based largely on previous tournaments - the European Model Tournament, Best Brazilian model etc.)


Group A

France - Agathe Teyssier*

South Korea - Ji Hye Park

Norway - Frida Aasen*

Nigeria -  Eniola Abioro


Group B

Germany - Toni Garrn*

China - Ming Xi 

Spain - Clara Alonso*

South Africa -  Candice Swanepoel


Group C

Australia - Charlie Austin

Italy - Bianca Balti*

Brazil - Lais Ribeiro*

Jamaica - Tami Williams


Group D

England - Alexina Graham

Scotland - Zelda Heloise Smyth

Argentina- Camila Morrone

Japan - Miki Hamano


Group E

Canada - Danielle Knudson

Cameroon - Naoumie Ekiko

New Zealand - Georgia Fowler

Netherlands -  Doutzen Kroes*


Group F

USA - Hannah Ferguson^

Thailand - Yada Villaret

Chile - Josefina Cisternas

Sweden -  Elsa Hosk* or Kelly Gale


*Winner of European Model Tournament or Best Brazilian Model

^ I'm sure we could argue forever about who represents the USA, but Hannah Ferguson was the highest placed contemporary model in the American Model Competition


Feel free to suggest any other options, and if they prove popular I will update the list as we go. 



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if we have to choose just one, i say

- South Africa: Niamh Adkins

- Australia: Charlie Austin

- Jamaica: Tami Williams

- USA: Hannah Ferguson

- Sweden: Kelly Gale

talking about Italy, Bianca is very beautiful, but i find her a bit "cold"..i prefer Chiara Scelsi..but in Group C we already know who'll win:eyebrows:

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