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Runway Accidents

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ahhh gisele had it comming maybe she'l learn.

why is so funny waatching people fall?

its funny in that video how you can hear all the people in the background going ouuuuu ahhhh waaaa.

have you ever actaully seen the shoes naomi fell in at vivian westwood. they are like like 8 inches they are so huuuuuge! im suprised she didnt break her tail bone.

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i love this thread! i love the people's expressions more than the models actually falling!

but the Peta people are just embarrasing! How the hell do they get pass security... EVERY single time!!!! It's like... where the hell do they 'hide' the signs!!!

does anyone have Coco Rocha falling? She said she was wearing pants and she tripped. She said all she wanted to do was stay on the floor and sleep! hahaha! Then she got picked up by the next model!

OOOOO! I wanna see Behati lose it at Byblos!!!

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This particular fall has already been posted but check out how these guys hold back their laughter...

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As hilarious as that was, that was

really dangerous and not to mention embarrassing

judging that it was on the news and she was seen

by thousands of people laughing tremendously.


But it was pretty hilarious the way she fell

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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