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Aurelie Claudel


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Hi, I'm a long time lurker, thought I'd start posting finally.

Magazine: Marie Claire UK

Date: March 2003

Photographer: Darren S. Feist

Styled by: Susanna Cohen

Hair by: Lance Lowe

Make-up by: William Casey for MAC

Flowers by: Jane Packer at Selfridges

Underwear by: Pour les Fils at Coco de Mer

th_3fb_Aurelie_Claudel__Marie_Claire_UK_March_2003.jpg th_b78_Aurelie_Claudel__Marie_Claire_UK_March_2003_2.jpg th_25a_Aurelie_Claudel__Marie_Claire_UK_March_2003_3.jpg th_51f_Aurelie_Claudel__Marie_Claire_UK_March_2003_4.jpg th_ae1_Aurelie_Claudel__Marie_Claire_UK_March_2003_5.jpg th_23a_Aurelie_Claudel__Marie_Claire_UK_March_2003_6.jpg th_917_Aurelie_Claudel__Marie_Claire_UK_March_2003_7.jpg

Click Thumb for bigger image.

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