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  1. I know! I'm amazed she turned out with the blonde hair since Irina has darker hair and features, but that happens.
  2. Oh love these pics of Isabeli! She is such a unique model. Never out of style.
  3. I'm almost 100℅ sure this is Malgosia Bela.
  4. I've definitely noticed Candice aging in the face recently, but so what. We all age. Some people see it, others may not. Looking forward to many more pictures of Candice.
  5. I'd love it if some day VS makes Rachel a regular VS girl instead of JUST A Pink girl.
  6. Nice pics! I'm such a perfectionist nerd. The fuzzies on the inside of Candice's jacket were bugging me.
  7. Me too! I almost cried when I read that Behati post about Candice. What a sweet friend. Must be exciting for them both to be expecting at the same time. Sweet thing to share together.
  8. It's been a LONG time since I've looked at Rosie's thread. Did she get plastic surgery? She looks aged by plastic surgery! Some pictures she looks ok and other pics she looks much older than her age.
  9. I didn't read what you said, but I love seeing Candice and Laetitia together!!! 2 of my FAVORITE models!
  10. Thanks for the vid. The part about Nick Jonas was annoying though. They sounded like mall girls. Hah. Made me yearn for the vs shoots with Ana B., Isabeli and Ale back in early 2000.lol.
  11. Ok. Thanks! I couldn't remember if they had been posted or not. Such a shame Candice wasn't part of the V-Day catalog. Guess they are giving the limeliggt to the newbies.:p
  12. Can someone post Candices' VS Valentine's Day pics. I found 9ne here that I don't think was posted: https://www.victoriassecret.com/lingerie/valentines-day-shop-mobile/dot-cheeky-panty-very-sexy?ProductID=267590&CatalogueType=OLS
  13. I think it would be cool seeing her in the SI swimsuit edition (Candice in a bikini!)...however part of me doesn't see her in it. I can't put my finger on why I think that. She's a GREAT swimsuit model but I can't 100% see her in SI swim edition. I love Ana Beatriz Barros and Isabeli Fontana and they seemed perfect for it. Anyone else thinking the same as me...not sure why I'm not feeling she would fit in it?
  14. I would love it next month if she was in the SI Swimsuit issue.:p One can only hope.:p
  15. Anyone think Candice will ever be a SI Swimsuit girl? I'm guessing no. I figured she would have already posed for it if she was going to ever be in it.
  16. Candice is a smoker in real life so IDK why she would refuse to do it in a magazine? at the end of the day smoking is a personal choice and people need to chill about it, every single time X model is shown smoking everyone acts like she is killing somebody, is not even a big deal o.o I don't like the cover shot and I think Joan's covers are far better I hope Candice has a second cover too, but the rest of the pictures look great (Y) I'm going to comment on this once and then be done since I don't want to get too "off topic". Clauds, I'm guessing you're younger by the way you talk and you saying promoting something like smoking by "glamourizing it" is not even a big deal is precisely why magazines need to stop using cigarettes in their spreads.It's obviously influencing people that see the photos. If a model was shooting up in fashion spreads people would freak out but because people have been brainwashed to think cigarettes are "cool" and "sexy" they shrug off pictures of models smoking. Cigarettes are addictive and toxic to the body. And they do kill. My father was in the hospital because of smoking and smoking eventually contributed to his death. I've smoked before and I know people addicted to tobacco. I don't knock anyone with an addiction. Addictions are tough to break. What I don't support are people who promote smoking by making it look cool, sexy, hip, etc, etc...you are sending the wrong message to young minds. You ever see the anti-smoking ad where they show models making cigarettes look sexy and showin rappers show it's cool...then at the end there's an elderly man in a wheelchair with tubes in his nose and an oxygen tank and he says that he's the real image of cigarettes...? That's the truth. Cigarettes won't kill you right away but they will over time. All I was saying was that I was disappointed that Candice indulges in promoting something unhealthy as sexy. It's one thing to have an addiction it's another to promote it as "sexy".
  17. Btw, does anyone know if Liu is sold in the US?
  18. I'm really excited about the Liu pics but it really pisses me off that the fashion industry is still trying to glamourize cigarettes. And that models go along with it. I personally would refuse to shoot with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. What's next? Needles hanging out of models arms? Seriously.
  19. Seems like Romee doesn't have much going on besides VS and instagram...
  20. Can someone please post this picture from Victoria's Secret. I don't recall it being posted. p.s. It's under the 'dresses' category.
  21. OMG!!! This girl is SOOO beautiful! I discovered her just dorking around on Google looking for a new face to look at. Thanks for creating this thread for her DanniCullen! And you are right CarMELita...she DOES resemble Sharon Kavjian.
  22. Hey. I found this model in the Blueman SS2012 show and I was wondering if someone can help me identify her. Love her body type! Thanks!
  23. Hey, can someone post, or direct me to, the GQ photos of Izabel where she's wearing a red and a hot pink bikini and she's posing up in the Hollywood hills? I have look through hundreds of pages and cannot find them. Thanks!!!
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