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  1. What part of the country do you live in, EF? I'm from NYC, so I se a huge mix of people all the time, including a lot of latinos and mexicans. Also, I very much doubt Megan speaks latin.She might speak spanish, but unless she haas secret plans to become a catholic nun, I doubt latin would have much use for her. I actually think she looks very much of Mexican descent at times. For example, look at this pic. She's got a relatively spread out nose and squared chin when she's facing the camera head on. She looks a bit like Salma Hayek here (not that Salma Hayek is THE way Mexican women look, but there are facial similarities.) It's not always obviously, but you can see it at some camera angles.
  2. D'oh, you're right! I also forgot to put up the Fitness cover from 2001... right on that now.
  3. Hey... silly little question for Megan fans here! What is your favorite/least favorite magazine cover, anyway? My personal favorite is her Mexican Elle cover. She looks so cool and beachy on the cover, as though she's having a ton of fun shooting it! I like the expression on her face... allllmost a smile but noooot quite... It's an extremely interesting and hard to read look! My least favorite has to be the Italian (?) Elle cover-- same magazine, different country. Her body looks amazing on the cover (better, actually, than on the Mexcian Elle cover) but her face looks so lifeless and blank there. I also don't like the goofy way her hair is arranged on that one. I like the other pic of her from the same set (aka, in Hawaii, wearing a blue bikini) much better-- they should have set that one up as the cover! (PS-- all the covers are taken from MeganEwing.net, of course!)
  4. a month ago ?? i thought those pictures were from easter .. anyway what is it of ? You're right, my time frame is obviously way off! Yes, Easter, about a month before THAT, sorreh no problem .. did she say what its of?? Could be the name of her son... she'll probably keep it covered up from us then.
  5. Whoa, I'm starting to speculate already! And I'll email you right now. Dirrty, I have to recheck the pics to see that tatoo too!
  6. Yeah, if you look at this pic of her below (in the white and red shirt, taken when she was maybe 16?) her body doesn't seem to have changed much. Um... except for the fact that she did seem to get a little bustier over the years! Trimalynn, thanks for all the wonderful updates to the site! I was especially excited to see the nw pics Megan gave you up-- she looks adorable! I like the pinata one best! I hope Megan and her family friend supply you with many more pics to come... I'm especially hoping for more candids and older modeling assignments. I'm glad you liked the caps, btw! If you want, I can also put up more screencaps from the Guess 2002 Spring Fashion show as well... the ones from Megan doing runway. Also, did you disable MeganEwing.net's message board? Is this going to be permanent for the future? Too bad... I'll miss some of the great people who posted there... I hope they eventually find their way to Bellazon!
  7. Last part of the screencaps. Thanks again to dirrty for finding this vid in the first place! I can't stop staring at the first cap. What the heck was going on in that part of the video...?! And, uh, having to make out with people you barel;y know (even if he did go out with Isabeli Fontana) doesn't sound very... hygenic. Man, now I think I know why megan is reluclant to go back to modeling!
  8. 3 out of 4 parts. Wow does MEgan look so pretty in the ones where she's wearing a pink outfit! Surprising, at least to me, because I didn't actually like the pictures of that that got into the Guess catalogs/journals...
  9. 2nd load of 4 parts. The first one here haas to be my favorite screen cap of Megan of ALL TIME! If anyone tries to rip of your work again, Trimalynn, you can send them that cap to tell them to BACK OFF!!!
  10. Whoops, I just realized that everything I just said, Trimalynn already said better. That'll teach me to not read the page before! Also, I finally discovered the wonders of "Print Screen" and can now make caps after all! I made 20 altogether... this vid was so crystal clear and chock full of Megan moments, compared to the other one! Though one thing... am I the onkly one who can't see the end of the video?
  11. There are a few recent pics (from 2005, at least...) up at MeganEwing.net's personal section. But for all the other questions, you're best off shooting a private email to Trimalynn, the webmistress of MeganEwing.net. Megan definitely has a son-- he's all over the pics she gave to Meganewing.net! But she does seem to be a very private person... she's not even releasing his name to the public.
  12. Excellent catch! I've never seen this part of the video before... she looks gorgeous. The only problem is that I can't seem to do screencaps now.. Can anyone put a few of them up for me, please?
  13. I think he's simply trying to say Megan quit modeling because she had a boy... but I don't think that's the real reason. For one thing, Megan actually did model aftershe had her son... mostly for catalogs in Europe and the US and for a few magazine layouts. As for why she's not modeling now... she has talked about going back to school and Trimalynn did mention that someone in her family had died recently. I'm still not sure now if Megan will go back to work eventually or just quit altogether. I hope she has a wonderful life whatever she decides to do.
  14. Is this the girl you're talking about, Neo? She looks abit like Megan when she's tilting her head,and she's certainly working the light-eyes-dark-hair thing like Megan does... Cheer up, EF. I know Trimalynn isn't holding out on us... when she has good news for us or new pics, I'm sure we'll be the first people to know.
  15. I wonder where Matt got that info from? She's still got a booker at Marilyn Agency, but as far as I know, the last time she worked was in fall of 2004... Well, at least we'll have baby pics and maybe even a few modelingpics coming in to the sitesoon! Anyway, Trimalynn was kind enough to send me two new pics of Megan at a Hot 100 event a couple years back, wearing a striped red and white top with Kim Smith, courtesy of Sara. (I'm sure you've all seen them.) One of the pictures is so cute it's unbelievable. Trim, do you mind if I put them up now???
  16. Oh, and for comparison's sake, here's theactual pic of Megan in the school girl outfit already up at Me.net, donated by the wonderful Sara (doesn't she Bellazon anymore nowadays? I miss her. )
  17. Oh, and I downloaded your vid and enjoyed it very much! It was sort of like a very cool "greatest hits" clip of Megan, right? The song is awesome too-- I just downloaded it right after I heard it in your vid! It's "Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice, right? I especially like the female solo that comes in the end of the song...very pretty! Maybe the next vid could be done to that? And now that I know you have mad videoskillz... I was wondering... do you know any way to maybe save and then edit the vide on Veronique Droulez's homepage? The one with Megan doing runway in between a lot of skanky people shaking their butts? Because the Megan parts = good and the skanky people parts = OMG MY EYES. I was hoping to maybe skip them and go straight to Megan with an edited video. And as a small bribe, I offer caps of the "Megan as a naughty school girl complete with WHIPPING ACTION" part. She really should have done more runway when she was with Guess, she's very graceful! (I sound so totally high right now, don't I? It's because FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER DAMN IT! And I passed bio! I think! I hope! So anyway, the adrenaline rush after 14 hours sleeping has finallycaught up to me! )
  18. Heh, I admit, I like your current avatar (with Megan in red) much better too! It's too bad that Megan appaarently only had red hair for a few shots with Guess... she looks awesome as a red head! Also, My Lovely Angel? Currently haas the most kick-ass icon and banner. OMG, who made that for you, MLA? And are there more available?
  19. Ugh, the same thing happened to me too! (OMG, are we like, identicial tooth twins or something? The coincidences are gtting a bit freaky! ) I had 4 teeth taken out of my apparently too small jaw... and yeah, ugh, those side gaps are much worse than the cute one in thefront.
  20. Hahahaha... wanna hear something hilarious? I've juuuuust gotten myself some braces for my crooked ass teeth-- and the first thing that happened when the wires got put in was that I got myself some gapped front teeth, just like Megan has! So everytime anyone makes a comment about gap teeth, I almost fall off my chair laughing. Well, at least this gives me an even better reason to keep Megan as my fave model. Gapped tooth people, represent!
  21. Aaaaah, that's been my favorite wallpaper by MLA so far! I ADORE that picture of her, actually!
  22. Well, I know Trimalynn is reeeeally busy right around now (and I am too-- I really shouldn't even be online, I should be studying for my horrific upcoming bio final! ) so maybe she just hasn't had much time to get around scanning those pics. She's always been lovely about updating the site, though, so I'm sure when she can spare time, she'll do so.
  23. From what I know, she's Mexican and German. And yes, I'd love to see a pic of her whole family! (I've seen one of Kim Smith's family, for example, and she looks like her pretty mom-- not her dad, thank GOD. ) We've already seen Megan's cute son, so we know certain features (the nose and the eyes!) seem to run in her family.
  24. Well, you could always try a few months from now. And Happy Mother's day to Megan... as well as any other possible mothers at Bellazon.
  25. Uh... anyone feel brave enough to go and email Megan that question to get the answer straight from the source?
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