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Doutzen or Hana?



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Well this thread is in "honor" of a person that decidet to bash Douzen (and me?) and is sooo sure that if you compare Hana and Doutzy , Hana would win 100%.

Well there you are we'll see the real result.

Simply vote Doutzen or Hana?

We all know who each one is I am not going to post pics becouse then maybe someone would say "Yeah but you posted the worst pic of her blah blah..".

So yep vote & feel free to leave your opinions/thoughts. ;)

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Doutzen, but not by far. if you'll look at my top 10 you'll see that Doutzen is somewhere not far away from 5'th spot, Hana is...in my top 25? :ninja: my explaination- I like too many models and sometimes it's very hard to choose which one is will be included in my top 10 and which won't...they are both great, Hana is a better model but Doutzen is prettier. :heart:

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