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37 minutes ago, ivancica said:

Ok - I'm scrolling through Instagram + some domestic web-sites.

Adriana is news!

Then you have the 3 nepo models.

Then some Winnie.

A bit of Behati's return.


That's all folks!



Vanity Fair Spain wrote an article about Adriana sayin goodbye to VS,blablah. And they say something like "she left her crown in good hands. The new generations of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner..." Not a single mention about the angels. :rofl:


I love the grannny panties on Elsa. She flawless in theem and yesssss, soooooooo happy :wub:


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1 hour ago, ThePinkDiet said:

^ I hope so. :wub:

Can I just say that beyond every expectation, I'm really loving this year music? I'm listening to all the songs they had on the runway and they are really catchy and runway appropriate.

Can you please pm me a list of the songs? 🙏🏽

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What a bipolar show, some really great outfits and some stupendously terrible ones. I am not happy that Georgia, Frida, Toni, Willow and Lorena got one outfit each and the "sporty" outfits of Kelly and Barbara P. were not so great, to put it mildly but what can you do.


Quite a few outfits would actually look better without the wings, I wish Sophia and company would make far fewer wings but really well made ones. Even the Mary K outfits wouldn't be so bad without the parachutes.


Lais's Glam Royal outfit - why are they covering so much of this incredible body year after year?!? Her second one is a killer, though.


Maggie Laine's cape is firmly in the so bad it's good territory.


I really wish VS would stop trying to make all their blonde models look so tanned, other than that the makeup looks great.


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Well, this seems odd. 

Some outfits are Amazing. finally lingerie! Others are super bad. 


I liked most of the angels. They looked great. Sara, I loved both. 

I am ok with her not closing/opening. someone always has to have that part. 

I would much like if they stopped with the insta girls cause they take the attention from the angels. 

They will NEVER get to be truly known as angels with all the focus on the trio!


Taylor is super duper pretty and sexy. She looks GREAT in pics but sucks at walking. 

Elsa was around for years and she is gorgeous so she deserve the FB. 

Not a fan of SO this year, but I am sure Romee made it work. 


I am sure that the insta videos Sara did with shawn mendes will bring her more attention than the FB , etc social media wise, so we can all chill 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Can I just say that I think Candice is so over VS too? I can see her staying one more year, two max, just because she simply knows she's gonna be their main "major" name in the Angelsdoom now that Adri is gone. Probably gonna have something special in the next show and that's gonna be her farewell as well.

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