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1 hour ago, Andrew Van Der Hypp said:

Whew Chile...some of these looks are so bad I keep thinking they’re just shitty edits! :hang:

Are you serious? Every look wows me I can't get over how amazing this show was. (except for MK segment) I can't believe all the negativity damn what would you want to see in the show? I'm so confused.

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1 minute ago, Prettyphile said:

We are just going to have to move your posts, either way. If you post them in the correct threads it saves us time and energy

How do I post them in correct threads? Should I do it by segments and backstage all together? 

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2 minutes ago, Fashionsketcher said:

Thanks @Prettyphile @Clauds for The Pics! ❤️ The work is much appreciated, in the HQ the pics are going to be in the Show order? (Just asking) :3 

No, I don't have the time for that. They're going up as they come out, people can sort through them on their own

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