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Ask a stupid question - Because, yes, there are stupid questions- And let someone else answer that question. You can answer in a very serious intelligent way or not.

Oh and don't forget to ask a stupid question after you answered. Thank you. Have a nice day :hi_wft:



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Yes ^^ cow milk are made for veal. It would be more logical to have human breast milk in bottle.

Mare milk is close to woman's milk. And it's good.




It is really only with the heart that one can see rightly?



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Some of the most brilliant corporate marketers in the world have figured out how!



You'd just have to wear a uniform like this:




Great job, excellent benefits, a global phenomenon! Christy's yield is 3 times! that of the average woman..


But the Japanese are way ahead in their development..It's a global arms race! 




how would human cum farms work?   I thought they were called sperm banks.

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