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I dont think is true, even though it haves been confirmed everywhere i wont balive it until i hear or read it from alessandra herself, she havent said anything about it and shes been visiting her forum alot so is just a rumor in my opinion, E! news said she was 3 month pregnant if she was her stomach will be showing alot cause 3 months shows alot of belly and she does not have enough to actually say she haves 3 months or that shes having a son cause people are already saying is a boy and thats just silly cause is to soon to know the babys sex so thats another rumor, rumor after rumor so it comes to the conclusion is all a lie.

Also she is shooting for Zoomp on January 20th at sao paulo, if she was pregnant she wont be working and just taking care of herself, she did say she will stop modeling when she have kids and shes still working, she finish her NEXT UK spring 2008 commercial with Paul Scoulfor in London now shes on her way to sao paulo brazil, so lets just all wait for the truth soon. :wave:

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What's even more interesting is that Lullaby's post announcing they will contact her agent to clear this up from the 13th January has yesterday been deleted.

Lullaby posted it on January 11, 2008 and it is STILL there if you really check the forum.


Gossip sites started it , spread it all over and everyone is so sure she is pregnant as if you were there when it 'happened' ! Until she or her agent confirms it it IS FALSE. I believe Ale more then all the gossips, all the E! news and such.

Besides, Avadakedavra posted at tfs that her BRAZILIAN agency DENIED it.

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hmm... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

<_< <_< <_<

yeah, they will say, "i will believe it only when ale says it."

but i wonder how they really feel.. :/

^ I think it's even more obvious now that they don't wanna talk about it. I mean, if it isn't true, why shouldn't they ?!!

Anyway, abortion, anyone ?!!

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