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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. hey guys! does anyone have pics from Germany's next top model season 1?... I appreciate it! Thanks in advantage!
  3. {name}


    so she really is pregnant....GOOD for her and jamie!!!!
  4. I'm sorry,what's her bf's name? I think he's pretty handsome
  5. Happy birthday. Team Gisele forever.

  6. She's young let her enjoy herself,i mean don't you go to party and stuff?It doesn't mean if you're famous that you can't do those things anymore.I don't think that's all because of drinking and smoking,i'm sure that is because of all the years she has to keep her weight,that takes a huge toll on you.That's ok,everyone has their opinion,and you should allways say it,it keeps things interesting of course I party...of course she can party,she can do all she wants but it decreases my admiration to her seeing pics of her with a cigar or a beer..
  7. she's one of my role models and I'm watching her drinking and smoking and partying a lot...I know that parties are like that,drinking and smoking and making out but she doesn't look so healthy to me anymore...and I'm sorry,I was just telling my oppinion
  8. how can't I love her?!?! she's perfect,not fake or plastic,doesn't use drugs...gosh I love her!
  9. man! what happened to ale? God! I'm so dissapointed! lately all pics are: ale drinking,ale making out,ale with a cigarrette,ale doing something not cool..I don't like her that much anymore..what's going on with her? I was reading the TEETH discussion...and I'm 100% sure her teeth are not real anymore,when she smiles they look so fake..God,I'm dissapointed.
  10. what the heck happened with Steven!!?!?!?
  11. 1.Gisele Bundchen 2.Stephanie Seymour 3.Heidi Klum 4.Daria Werbowy 5.Natasha Poly 6.Eugenia Volodina 7.Valentina Zelyaeva 8.Alessandra Ambrosio 9.Caroline Trentini 10.Valeria Mazza
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