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  1. uhm, i am afraid you have to split your folder =\ but else: rapidshare megaupload depositfiles (but i don't like this service as the dl rate is very, very low) fileplanet rapidshare is most common
  2. News

    your ex girlfriend was a girl? this is madness!
  3. News

    I liked the Q.Q emo part as well
  4. News

    What's even more interesting is that Lullaby's post announcing they will contact her agent to clear this up from the 13th January has yesterday been deleted.
  5. News

    omw omwomw omwomwomw omwomwomwomw on my way?
  6. News

    haha, okay. and yeah..I don't believe NY posts have any insiders...copy+paste ftw. well, in this thread..we had 29 pages of news, which took a while. and since the january 6th, this thread has gained a lot of activity
  7. News

    ?? nvm, i'm a bit strange =)
  8. News

    Gisele's pregnacy rumors have been on several pages, too. (I didn't follow it, but she wasn't pregnant, was she? )
  9. News

    kinda funny..it took ages until we had 29 sites full...and just a few days to post pages 30-34 and only because of the rumors. reminds me of someone saying: there is no bad promotion..
  10. News

    And if he does the rest of the world is going to kill him
  11. Candids

    I still do't get it -.-