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OMG! alessandras bf haves a myspace account. :laugh:


i laughed at his profile.

he's 30. and he doesnt want any kids!!! :evil:

and his clothing line is call Underground Denim... his business already went 'underground' as we speak. as in bankrupt within the first few months.


the dude is retarded and YES ALESSANDRA IS NOT PREGNANT just a stupid RUMOR! thats been going on.

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yeah thats sad cause if alessandra is actually pregnant then that means he wont want it. :cry:

but like this is all a rumor thank god cause im pretty sure she NOT pregnant is better if we all wait for alessandra to find a better men soon cause really this guy is just crepy!

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hey where did it say that ale said she wasnt preggers from nico?? :blush:

and that is really sad that Jamie doesnt want kids <_< and we all knw that ale does someday...so hopefully she finds someone else who does...othr wise this guy is going to break her heart...etc

then we will track him down and kick his ass...if he leaves all if she was preggers :ninja: lol

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