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Who else desperately wants the new KKW x Mario palette? 


The quality sounds pretty good (I've heard multiple youtubers say they are much smoother and pigmented than Kylie's palettes). I missed out on the Mario palette collab with Anastasia so I don't wanna miss out on this one :cry: $45 is a fair price too considering the size of the pans. Mario is amazing, you can really tell he is behind this palette 100%. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 3.34.53 PM.png





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Wore makeup for the first time in forever and realized I definitely want some new stuff. My foundation is oxidizing on me badly, my collection really needs a good nude blush, a decent setting powder because my pressed one is crumbling away, considering eyeliner again, and a new mascara. 

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Sephora VIB 15% off starts this Friday. 

Edit: VIB Rogue starts this Friday. VIB starts on April 20th, with 15% off as well. Beauty Insiders only get 10% off, starting on the 20th. 


Kicking myself because I JUST bought the new Nars foundation full price last Friday. :rofl: 

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I think I just really want that blue in the KKW palette :laugh: Also the fact that i've been dying to get my hands on something Mario has been behind. I really wish I got the Anastasia x Mario palette when I had the chance, those colors are stunning :cry: 


On another note, I've had my Modern Renaissance for almost two years now and I haven't hit pan on any of the colors (except for shades Vermeer and Primavera which are getting pretty close). The shades are so damn pigmented you barely need to touch the pan and your saturated with color :laugh: I haven't touched the pink/red shades though. 

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Oh my lovely thread how much have you blossomed! 😊 Thanks everyone! 

Currently my wishes include anything from Chanel lol and these:











BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Liquid Highlighter in Opal



Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff


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So I've been giving some Morphe products a chance and can say I like what I have so far. I got a nice crease blending brush for about $6. Great brush for the price! The Jaclyn Hill palette is great, got it for my sister for Christmas and ending up stealing it for a couple of intense makeup looks. Other Morphe eyeshadows I have been mehh on, but the Jaclyn Hill palette lives up to the hype for sure. I have a couple friends who are makeup artists that swear it's their favorite pallet as well.


Still using that Fenty Beauty foundation. Even though I have dry skin, cutting it with Argon Oil gets me the coverage I like without being too drying.


I also have eyelash extensions now! They are so worth the money. Waking up looking like a natural beauty, worth it :laugh: 



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On 1/5/2019 at 2:48 PM, everyboulevard said:

I hear so many great things about Morphe but my experience has been hit and miss. I wanna like them but their shady business practices and all the drama is just so off-putting. Same reason why I won't support Jeffree Star, Kat von D, or Gerard Cosmetics. 

What happened with Gerard cosmetics? 😮 

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In 2015, Gerard Cosmetics founder Jen Gerard audibly called a vlogger who gave her brand a negative review "the ugliest person ever" in a video on Manny Gutierrez's Snapchat. When the vlogger, Karina Kaboom, made a video condemning Gerard's comments and questionable business practices, the company blocked her on all social media and allegedly barred other brands from working with her. 



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