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did adriana lima get a boob job

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did adriana lima get a boob job  

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  1. 1. did adriana lima get a boob job

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women's breasts grow pretty quick during their young teen years such as the ages from 13-18. but once 18 your body still grows and developes, but slowly. very slowly. when i saw a picture of adriana at 18 during VS, with no photoshop done (candid) her breasts were very small, not a bad thing considering her size. then i saw her pictures during that same year but at a different photoshoot in the bahamas for VS, i saw in the candids her breasts were noticeably rounder and firmer looking, also that they were noticeably bigger, i mean way bigger than her other size. they arent huge or anything, but just noticeably bigger than her other shoot. my estimation is that she probably took some stimulation pills or just uses a breast enhancer cream for them. i dont beileve that she actually has had surgery, but i dont doubt that she hasnt. it's just hard to say, and you cant nesscesarily take her word for it becuase obviously all celebs will deny things like that to ignore jokes and rumors and so forth. anyway, i'm just glad that if she did had work on them (which i truly think so) at least she didnt get them overly too huge like these porn stars do so. it just looks abnormal and strange to me. she has the decency to have them average size for her weight and frame.

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