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  1. shes starting to age rapidly, i hope she isnt using hardcore drugs. She just looks tired but wouldn't surprise me if it did considering the dark side of modeling. But if she still smokes coupled with the fact that she has fair complexion could lead to premature aging and a shorter modeling career. but to me she just looks tired It is so silly that if someone proposes that she uses drugs because she looks tired. I mean would I think you're using drugs if you look tired? Haven't you read all those interviews in which she says that she has so many things to do. Would you be tired? I would. M
  2. Hey does anybody have the pic in goddess worship's avatar? I'd like to see it.
  3. Has everyone seen that sports illustrated cover with marisa miller on it? she had an ipod and was all naked and barely covered the private spots. She looked INCREDIBLE! everyone agree?
  4. They are drawings from micheal moebius. This picture is actually called adriana: Diora, i'm curious, where did you find those pictures?
  5. those are from the artist micheal moebius, i recognize his style. He has drew tons of usual playboy models and actresses. You might wanna check his site.
  6. Femme Fetale


    You guys all have some good tips. I'm actually wanting to dye my hair, kind of like how ale and adriana did for the AAA tour. I want it almost exactly like that, the highlights and the light brown all naturally mixed in together.
  7. ^are you talking about adrianaflima.com? doesnt that site belong to one of the members here at bellazon? or is it actually an official site of adriana?
  8. you make your own avatar and sig cypress? your pretty good at it. I like the one you have now, and the one before this one. keep changing them, i like to see your avatar and sigs. (Y)
  9. i was suspecting that. my friend, or she's not actually my friend, but she's a friend of my friend and she's of an african decent. Her name is spelled exactly like that, but it's pronounced different i think. i only saw her once and couldnt understand how she said her name (she's too quiet) so i'm thinking it might be that or may have a different pronounciation becuase of the accent on the c.
  10. they have been posted by Caha before, but thank you ah! thank you. i just noticed it when i was looking around for a bathing suit, and i always look at zeki's collection. They have a nice style. And i had no idea she was doing zeki! alright rianne!
  11. that doesnt really make sense to me...considering that the rest started commenting becuase of one person...but whatever floats your boat. does anyone know how to pronounce adriana's mother's name? i have a friend who goes by that name and has the same spelling but i think it may be pronounced differently with adriana's mother. Anyone? anyone know?
  12. ^ i didnt say she was wrong mentioning that this topic is only for candids. I was saying she was wrong to think she was going to find any today. it was a little sarcastic comment back to her. she was being sarcastic about her dissapointment on not being able to find any candids, and so the message to her was that this forum, is not her oyster and people do stuff like this all the time, and if she really wanted to see some pictures, like i had said before, it's only a click away. i see that angie tried to give off the message for everyone to drop the whole discussion about Thugs post, but as y
  13. ^ Wow...and to think that you logged on being completely wrong. well it's only one click away. Just go to any page but this one and you'll see all different kinds of candids. sorry but new candids havent come up yet, and there is no sense of just reposting the same candid over and over again when it's already been posted (and not to mention it's only two or three clicks away) check back when you see jewels here if you want new pics.
  14. who's the guy in two of those pictures of that fake myspace? it's the www.myspace.com/adrianafrancescalima one. there's two pics where she's with this rather old man (not insinuating anything) is it really a family friend or was it some designer she did a runway for? there's one pic where she's with him wearing a pink dress (looking very tan) and then the other he has his arm wrapped around her neck. anyone know who he is? just curious.
  15. I have no idea if this was posted already, but what the heck. I thought rianne was so beautiful and i had NO IDEA she ever did zeki triko. (for those of you who do not know or not seen this site) If you copy and paste the link, you will see a pic of doutzen and rianne. click the pic of rianne and be sure to use the turkish version, english doesnt have rianne. click on the bottom modeller. rianne looks beautiful. http://www.zekitriko.com.tr/
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