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Maggie Rawlins


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This woman has just vaulted toward the top of my favorites list. Her apparent ease in front of the camera belies the hard work behind it. (See Insta posts of her working out, for instance.) She also seems to have such a great work/life balance, and that comes through in her style and conversations in interviews. But it's the consistent quality of the work that blows me away. Love all of this, @Shale586. Thanks so much.

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On 5/8/2021 at 5:57 PM, Shale586 said:

So here's a pretty rare set, don't even want to declare how many back links I had to follow to pull it together.


Matt Barnes Photography for Betsey Johnson Bridal 2016



BETSEY-BLUE90884_retouch_v2.jpg 17218729_10155037276174705_717166978588909832_o.jpg 16463602_10154904256119705_6446909114902410341_o.jpg 17834955_10155123772909705_5357593018705614541_o.jpg 16797003_10154964348274705_937906568936625468_o.jpg ladyhayes_16465476_192301921248137_8970705518922301440_n.jpg mattbarnesphoto_16122768_750150625152524_6373903162876624896_n.jpg mattbarnesphoto_15056688_1260104000717368_863556630023766016_n.jpg


Two more from this set by Matt Barnes for Betsey Johnson

home-main-banner.jpg home-row2-area2.jpg
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Maggie being Maggie...variety in these three product lines, yet she delivers for them all. The smile at the last second of that wee Logan Hollowell video is quintessential Maggie. :wub: 

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