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  1. Tried searching for Intimissimi and I guess the search function doesn't look in Rich Text, but I found your post anyway. Here are some UHQ shots of that campaign, along with a couple of other shots by the same photographer, not previously posted. Photographer is Victor Robertof
  2. Here's the same set from Modeliste by Juan Algarin, a little larger and including the intro picture from earlier in the magazine.
  3. A few more by Jacob Kirk for Change Lingerie:
  4. Yer welcome! Lots more to come, now that the search function by thread has been restored!
  5. Video from the Wildfox Shoot: Wildfox Summer ‘16 (Director’s Cut) by Thomas Woodward *deleted* - repost, earlier post not well labelled...
  6. Wildfox Summer 2016 Look Book - Motel Dreamers Wildfox Couture Summer 2016 look book, photographed by Steven Meiers and Mark Hunter featuring Maggie Rawlins & Tiffany Keller.
  7. Buddha Mama IG videos: *deleted* - repost, earlier post not well labelled...
  8. More from Buddha Mama Jewelry *deleted* - repost, earlier post not well labelled...
  9. A few more for this shoot for Kopper & Zink:
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