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  1. Maria Wallner In the spirit of Oktoberfest.
  2. She looks amazing in the video, I wonder who the other blonde is?
  3. I saw a big Hannah poster in the mall today, she doesn't disappoint, although she did give me an uncomfortable few minutes, lol.
  4. She looks stunning in those polaroids. A very special girl.
  5. Thanks jj3 for all the Brooke pics, she's amazing. By the way is the other model's name known? She has a stunning face.
  6. That sleeping picture is so beautiful.. To wake up next to such a girl (we can dream).
  7. She's so attractive, it's unbelievable
  8. The Swimsuit edition is one of the few magazines that I ever buy these days. The hotness/page or hotness/$ ratio is just a great value. There's something to be said about the convenience of quickly leafing through it and seeing a rookie or old favorite catch your eye. Of course I also save pictures from it that get posted online, because it's also great to look at some of these pics on a big screen rather than in the pages of a magazine. Anyway, I hope the best for SI on their 50th birthday and I hope that enough people buy the magazine to make it viable into many more years.
  9. I prefer her blonde too, but no matter what she does for the rest of her career, her look in the Wolf of Wall Street will forever be etched on my mind
  10. That Awkward Moment. It was quite a good comedy with a nice mix of romance and humor.And, quite a few pretty ladies in it as well, especially Imogen Poots whose eyes, lips, nose and general loveliness just light up the screen every single time. Some people have amazing presence and she does in heaps.
  11. Her cleavage is so wonderful, and she flaunts it really well
  12. I love thighs when a woman crosses her legs
  13. I started with Cindy Crawford, I think. This is one of the earliest pictures I remember seeing I also looked at Eva Herzigova and Laetitia Casta quite often during the 90s.
  14. Thanks for Dewi, I wanted to find more about her ever since I saw her in VS fashion show.
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