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What Shows Do You Watch?


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I saw that we had a thread for the Greatest Tv show and one for the Worst but I didn't see this. Basically, what are your favourite shows to watch or just what do you look for when channel surfing.

This is what I watch:

The Simpsons

King of the Hill

Sex & the City (reruns)

That 70s show (reruns)

The Annual VS Fashion Show (aired annually)

Sport Illustrated (whenever I can catch it)


Fashion File or FashionTv

8th and Ocean

Big Brother (when it's on)

Design Inc. (with Sarah Richardson)

Room Service (also with Sarah Richardson)

Alborada, Gata Salvaje (spanish soap operas on tln)

Miss Universe (aired annually)

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Nip Tuck


CSI: Miami

Prison Break



Law & Order SVU

{and secretly once upon a upon a time I read a couple of the Sweet Valley High books which I stole from my first gf in 7th grade- and I LIKED them! :o :blush: I then caught a few episodes of the show}

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:shifty: tv is oxygen.. holy shit i didnt list oprah!!! FORGIVE ME LADY O!

:rofl: I only watch oprah if she's talking about something interesting though ... sometimes it sucks when they are tlaking about stuffing a turkey or they have a guest who is talking about how to get rid of wrinkles ... i don't have those yet :whistle:

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Ah HA! I knew I wasn't the only on on bz who wastes their time and life watching too much tv :D

A lot of us just waste our time on the computer. :p

yup, i dont even watch tv anymore, only when theres a good movie on (which happens rarely here in Holland)

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