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I know the cover was scanned, not sure about the contents

so here ya go :wave:

Claudia - March 2009

th_73ebd662163487.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-13850-0-1446020416-57242_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2761288" alt="post-13850-0-1446020416-57242_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="137.83"> 9ffb8462163530.gif 652e6762163533.gif e838db62163551.gif 312b7b62163554.gif 98fcf562163558.gif

credit to Jess_c @ lovevsmodels.com

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Telva Spain 5/2008

th_a5a02262468084.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-13850-0-1446020418-52187_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2761371" alt="post-13850-0-1446020418-52187_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="141.43"> post-13850-0-1446020418-54669_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446020418-80565_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446020418-84647_thumb.jpg post-13850-0-1446020418-85174_thumb.jpg th_5f8ccd62468094.gif/monthly_01_2010/post-13850-0-1446020418-88116_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2761393" alt="post-13850-0-1446020418-88116_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="143.57">


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