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  1. Miscellaneous

    Anyone have these photos in MQ or HQ? The first picture is Dior backstage and others i found in Rex Features site. PS: Sorry for my bad English....
  2. Editorials

    Thanks michelabella!!! I'm very curious about Gisele's home
  3. Advertisements

    Oral B 3D and Pantene. Sorry if repost.
  4. Editorials

    Brazilian Magazine NOVA Cosmopolitan (september 2013). Photos by Nino Muñoz. I've never seen the photo of cover before. I think that is an outtake of Brazilian Intimates photoshoot.
  5. Candids

    Old Brazilian Revista I in 2009:
  6. Candids

    Brazilian Caras Magazine_15_june_2012:
  7. Candids

    Some reprint photos in Brazilian Marie Claire Magazine_january_2012:
  8. Advertisements

    I think it's new Sky adv:
  9. Candids

    Brazilian Quem magazine-jun_2012:
  10. Candids

    Brazilian Caras Magazine-june-2012:
  11. Editorials

    I found this photo like Photo French-november-2008.
  12. Advertisements

    Thanks a lot MarceloR!!!! I've never seen the last two before!!!!
  13. Editorials

    Thank you for all scans!!!
  14. Advertisements

    Vivara: Pantene: Sky:
  15. Editorials

    Brazilian Magazines: Contigo! January - 2012 Isto É Gente - July - 2011 (old....)