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  1. I've heard lesbian rumors about her, can anyone verify?
  2. I fukken love the new HM campaign. I almost drove off the road when I saw it. Daria
  3. I absolutely love her voice, it's so soothing. She should do audio books or something.
  4. According to the (awesome) magazine scans above, she's 54kg (or 119pound). She's also ridiculously good looking in them. Looking forward to non-scanned versions.. Also by reading that article, it seems it's her birthday today. So happy birthday Doutzen! HAHA. She's like 5'10 and and far from slim. 65 kilos or so.
  5. Oh my god! Bigger pics plz
  6. The next big dutchie, most likely. Goddamn she's good.
  7. I both love and hate Doutzen, she was just so effin'd good back in the HF days 2005-2007... I had like a silly crush on her back then, pathetic I know haha. Nowadays she's all about VS *sigh*. Please refrain from derogatory remarks about models as well as racist remarks. ~ This post edited by JoeKnight
  8. I love the Mario Testino shots! This photographer always makes things look so natural and beautiful at the same time! I would fight a grizzly bear with my fists to be the guy in these pics, goddamn. UNF UNF.
  9. She truly has the worst taste in men. I'm not gonna delve deeper into the matter but - fcking lol. Hanging out with the corniest of people, says quite a bit about her. Well, she's still a good model at least.
  10. She's not a model and I'm 120% certain that there's a Whitney-thread already.
  11. Fontana is the boss! Love her!!
  12. That's a bit much, even for a fan. By the way, is that onion?
  13. Lol, you're quite right. These blue dress pictures surprised me.
  14. She'll be on the cover of the next ELLE magazine here in Sweden, no scans yet though. But the poster really stood out!
  15. Brace yourselves, I'm gonna contribute!
  16. Angelic face and a ridiculous body! Man I loved BSG, one of my fav shows ever.
  17. Maybe you should do something else than just masturbate to models all day long! Just sayin'!
  18. I have many, many pictures of Summer Glau, but I can't be arsed to post them, lol. I'll bring myself to do it soon.
  19. which website you reported to google? it is also not legal to upload photos here you know that? making money from this haha I just spent money and never nobdy paid me about anything about bar I really do not need any of bar money or every will need it haha my target is to have a good shop for bars items where people can buy posters and the products she adversting but it is not legal so no shop and for your general info - google is not the one who decide who can sell what I will find who you are and let everybody knows bar is doing porn work and not modeling for me and I just need to protect myself all the time bye bye you pice of shit Angry, hurt stalker. I Can't stop laughing.
  20. No, look at the eyesockets, It's not her. It it definetly not Doutzen.
  21. Anyone have a digital (non-scanned) version of this? Hottest pic. Ever.
  22. Hahahs, look at those two guys. Jesus. I pretty much idolized Doutzen way back in 2005, not so much now
  23. She's so pretty & petite! Not the best luck when it comes to movies though..pretty much everything she's been in has been bad (not that it was her fault)...
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