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Doutzen Kroes


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All black men are not huge just like all white men aren't small!!! The myth continues...

It sounds more to me like like she is making reference to an appeal to something different. Being open-minded and expanding one's horizons.

Okay, back on topic.

she said: i cant believe the wikipedia page on the web said that ... its not necessary ... i like both

but black men got something ... a lil bit extra

...maybe she's talking about the penis (just kidding)

Because ALL black men are huge, it's more likely she finds them exotic seeing as she's a super-caucasian dutch farmgirl - opposites attract or whatever.

Why don't you make a penis-thread in here somewhere instead...ZZzZzz... Sizequeen

Super off-topic.

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Yes, she was brave. I don't know it probably wasn't too bad of a taste. :blink:
Girl has guts for eating that grasshopper. I dont expect Naomi Campbell to even step foot in Uganda let alone eat a bug.

Go DOUTZEN :hell yea!:

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